Integrated Formation Evaluation: Unconventional Answers for Unconventional Resources
Approximately one hour.
Stephen Mack, Petrophysics Manager, Logging while Drilling (LWD), North America R. Ryan King, Senior Geosciences Advisor, Wellsite Services, Weatherford Laboratories Gordon Fryers, International Account Manager, Western Hemisphere, Wireline Services Jaime (Jim) Rangel, Manager, Western Hemisphere, Seismic Services Rakesh Rai, Advisor - Reservoir Engineering, Petroleum Consulting

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Just as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing paved the way for economical shale resource development, Weatherford is applying a whole new generation of formation evaluation techniques and technologies to maximize recovery, while reducing risk, in these ‘unconventional’ plays.

This webcast will discuss an integrated approach to formation evaluation LIVE from our booth, #939, at the AAPG 2012 ACE.

Join a moderated panel of industry experts to discuss their respective disciplines, which will cover a range of pertinent topics, including:

·         Optimizing well placement with advanced LWD sensors
·         Bringing geoscience laboratories to your wellsite
·         Better frac jobs with microseismic data
·         Acquiring wireline logs with or without wireline
·         Integrating datasets to inform decisions and maximize recovery

We invite geoscientists, reservoir and petroleum engineers to view our webcast and have your many questions answered by industry experts.

Stephen Mack Petrophysics Manager Logging while Drilling (LWD), North America  
R. Ryan King Senior Geosciences Advisor, Wellsite Services Weatherford Laboratories  
Gordon Fryers International Account Manager, Western Hemisphere Wireline Services  
Jaime (Jim) Rangel Manager, Western Hemisphere Seismic Services  
Rakesh Rai Advisor - Reservoir Engineering Petroleum Consulting  
Weatherford :

Weatherford (NYSE/SIX: WFT) is one of the largest global providers of products and services that span the drilling, evaluation, completion, production and intervention cycles of oil and natural gas wells. Weatherford is a new breed of service company - one that can provide the industry with extended products and services, more efficient operations, more powerful research and development capabilities and greater geographic diversity.

Today’s Weatherford is the result of organic growth and innovation, as well as the consolidation of 250+ strategic acquisitions over the past 13 years. From a strategic standpoint, Weatherford has two key objectives - efficiency and productivity. Weatherford strives for efficiency, both in terms of delivering results for its clients as well as leveraging its worldwide infrastructure. The ultimate goal in both cases is to help reduce costs and increase well productivity. As well, Weatherford has created a more streamlined organizational structure to continue a push towards greater individual productivity levels through more intensive recruiting, training and retention.

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