Maximizing Upstream Performance - Leveraging Technology to Focus on Improving Asset Value
Approximately one hour
Greg Palmer, Product Manager, OMS, Petris

Recent years have provided harsh reminders of how volatile and unpredictable the oil and gas industry can be.  Against this backdrop, operators are striving to safely maintain and improve reserves reduce cycle time and increase efficiency to take advantage of all possible opportunities.  With these goals in mind, how operators manage their data to make better decisions will be critical. 

Greg Palmer Product Manager OMS, Petris   Greg Palmer
Petris :

Petris is a leading supplier of practical data management solutions and geosciences applications to the global energy industry. Founded in 1994 and with over 500 clients throughout the world, Petris leverages its insight and knowledge to design technology that integrates information from diverse data stores including managerial, seismic, borehole, production, drilling, and pipeline to enable continually better decision making and application transparency.

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