Drilling Optimization: Definition, Best Practices and Successful Applications for an Industry in Transition
Approximately One Hour
Jeremy Greenwood, Chief Global Technical Advisor - Drilling Optimization, Halliburton Joe Johnson, Drilling Manager, Newfield Exploration Arild Saasen , Technology Advisor, Det Norske, and Adjunct Professor, University of Stavanger


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The increasing complexity of oil and gas recovery is forcing a step change the way we approach well construction, forcing improvements in efficiency, safety and reliability at every step. Nowhere is this change more critical than during the drilling process, and this session will discuss these changes and what this push for drilling optimization means for the industry now and in the future.  You can also register and watch the event online.  

In this session, attendees will learn:


·         Drilling optimization - why should the industry care? The industry has been touting the term “drilling optimization” for years. But with a critical push to enhance deliverability and reduce cost in well construction for increasingly challenging reservoirs, the industry is quickly adopting this approach as necessary for doing business going forward.


·         Defining drilling optimization - what does it mean? Drilling optimization has as many definitions as there are companies who promote it as a capability. But what does it really mean to optimize the drilling process? Get operator and service company perspective on what drilling optimization is - and what it is not.   


·         Drilling optimization - successful applications and next steps Hear case histories where drilling optimization has been applied, what the ingredients were that made them a success, and what steps will be taken to ensure continuous improvement to the drilling optimization approach.


A question and answer session with both the live and webcast participants will follow the presentations. For more information, including how to join via webcast, visit http://www.halliburton.com/atce

Jeremy Greenwood Chief Global Technical Advisor - Drilling Optimization Halliburton   Jeremy Greenwood, Halliburton
Joe Johnson Drilling Manager Newfield Exploration   Joe Johnson
Arild Saasen Technology Advisor, Det Norske, and Adjunct Professor University of Stavanger   Aril Saasen, Det norske
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