A New Frontier: Drilling & Evaluation Challenges and Future Outlook
Approximately One Hour
Jim Wilson, Principal Product Champion MWD/LWD, Halliburton Sperry Drilling Michael Strachan, Global Solutions Champion-Drilling Optimization, Halliburton Sperry Drilling Alan Humphreys, Head of Well Engineering, Total E&P Norge

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As reserves are depleted to meet growing energy demand, operators are forced to recover oil and gas from increasingly complex formations while still meeting reliability and safety requirements. With this come significant challenges—and opportunities. How can these reservoirs be explored and developed successfully and cost effectively? What do operators see as the greatest challenges and opportunities in these extreme environments?

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • Opportunities and outlook for the industry While conventional reserves still exist, there is no doubt that they will soon be depleted. What is the outlook for the industry, and what are the opportunities for service companies and operators alike?
  • Unique challenges in difficult drilling environments and their impact on operator decision making From tool reliability to safety, what technical requirements do operators have when drilling in difficult environments? 
  • Impact of new drilling technology for solving technical challenges Drilling in increasingly difficult environments is all about reliability and efficiency to reduce NPT and well construction costs. Learn about successful applications of the industry’s first LWD technology that takes fluid samples and pressures while drilling and the first MWD/LWD tool designed to work in ultra HP/HT.

A question and answer session with both the live and webcast participants will follow the presentations. For more information, including how to join via webcast, visit www.halliburton.com/ons.

Jim Wilson Principal Product Champion MWD/LWD Halliburton Sperry Drilling   28563
Michael Strachan Global Solutions Champion-Drilling Optimization Halliburton Sperry Drilling   42437
Alan Humphreys Head of Well Engineering Total E&P Norge   88231
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