Woodford Shale

Woodford Shale ImageLocated in southeastern Oklahoma, the Woodford shale play has been drilled for about 10 years. Only the Barnett shale in Texas has been producing natural gas longer than the Woodford shale. Devon Energy drilled the first well into the Woodford shale formation in 2005, and since then numerous petroleum companies have acquired acreage and launched their own drilling programs. Current estimates are that the Woodford shale holds approximately 4 tcf of natural gas.

Of the numerous companies drilling in the Woodford shale, Houston-based Newfield Exploration and Oklahoma City-based Devon are the largest producers. Both companies have sold off much of their offshore assets in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere in order to focus their attention on unconventional resources such as the Woodford and other shale plays

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Woodford Shale News

Worldwide oil, natural gas deal value plunges

Mar 23, 2009 The total transaction value for worldwide upstream corporate and asset deals plunged to $104 billion in 2008 compared with an annual average of nearly $160 billion during 2005-07, consultants said in an annual report.

New tool determines reserves of mature oil and gas fields

Mar 23, 2009 There are many reasons—economic, preaudits, strategic planning for enhanced recovery, among others—that call for the size or ultimate reserves of an oil or gas field to be estimated.

Total signs agreement on Libyan blocks

Feb 23, 2009 Total SA will convert its petroleum agreements with Libya’s National Oil Corp.

Equation aids early estimation of gas field production potential

Feb 9, 2009 Natural gas is the world’s fastest growing fossil energy source, contributing 287 bcfd or roughly 50 million b/d of oil equivalent oil.

Unconventional resources to keep pivotal supply role

Jan 26, 2009 For the past several years, leading major oil companies and independent producers have believed unconventional resources to be key elements of future energy supply.

Woodford well perforated, stimulated without wellbore intervention

Jan 12, 2009 Modules placed in the production casing string eliminated the need for wellbore intervention for completing a Woodford shale horizontal well.

UNCONVENTIONAL GAS TECHNOLOGY—2: Custom technology makes shale resources profitable

Dec 24, 2007 Low permeability shales are unconventional gas reservoirs that are being more efficiently exploited with newly developed production technologies.

Newfield hails Woodford fracs, longer laterals

Dec 17, 2007 Longer horizontal laterals in Devonian Woodford shale appear to be improving estimated ultimate recoveries in the Arkoma basin in southeastern Oklahoma, said Newfield Exploration Co., Houston.

UNCONVENTIONAL GAS-Conclusion: Outlook sees resource growth during next decade

Nov 19, 2007 Modeling and analyses indicate that as long as natural gas prices do not fall dramatically unconventional gas production will continue to expand, particularly as investment in improved recovery technology continues and as new plays and prospects are developed.

Area Drilling

Oct 15, 2007

UNCONVENTIONAL GAS-5: Rising drilling, stimulation costs pressure economics

Oct 15, 2007 The sharp recent rise in well drilling and particularly well stimulation costs has led to the concern that much of the US unconventional gas resource may be becoming uneconomic.

Area Drilling

Sep 10, 2007

UNCONVENTIONAL GAS-1: Reserves, production grew greatly during last decade

Sep 3, 2007 From an emerging resource 1 decade ago, and a mostly overlooked resource 2 decades ago, unconventional gas is now a core business of many large independent producers and a growing number of the major oil and gas companies.

US NATURAL GAS- Conclusion: Rockies Express faces downstream bottlenecks

Jul 2, 2007 Kinder Morgan’s Rockies Express Pipeline needs capacity downstream from its Clarington, Ohio, terminus to expand before it can fully address growing demand in the Northeast.

Area Drilling

May 28, 2007

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