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Utica Shale Description ImageThe Utica shale formation is one of the newest natural gas discoveries in North America. It is located in New York state and the Canadian province of Quebec, along the St. Lawrence River Valley. Some geologists have suggested the gas-bearing formation extends as far south as Pennsylvania. The other major shale formation in this area is the better-known Marcellus shale.

Estimates of natural gas deposits in the formation range from a low of about 2 trillion cubic feet (tcf) to a high of 60 to 70 tcf. At this time, most companies active in the Utica shale are drilling exploratory wells on the Canadian side of the border because the state of New York has been reluctant to grant drilling permits to date. Some production rates have tested up to 1 million cubic feet per day.

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Michigan basin Utica shale gas play may ignite

Apr 5, 2010 A play for natural gas in Upper Ordovician Utica shale may be nearly ready to sprout wings in the northern Michigan basin.

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Mar 1, 2010

New York Herkimer sand gas play to expand

Feb 15, 2010 Norse Energy Corp. ASA, Oslo, has identified 300 locations on seismic that could be prospective for gas in fractured Silurian Herkimer sandstone in central New York state.

Special Report: Canada looks to shales for boost to gas supply

Dec 14, 2009 Natural gas from shale formations represents a potentially crucial source of supply growth in Canada, where production from conventional reservoirs is declining in a trend likely to continue.

New plays emerge, although environmental issues arise

Oct 19, 2009 New shale plays continue to emerge in North America and elsewhere, but issues related to the environment and land will affect commercial shale development.

OGJ Newsletter

Sep 7, 2009

Mexico, Brazil, Norway upstream readiness weighed

Aug 10, 2009 The Mexican Competitiveness Institute, known by its acronym IMCO, released in mid-July its 2009 report on the state of the Mexican economy.

Uruguay to review offers for two blocks

Jul 20, 2009 Uruguay’s Ancap has 180 days to review bids made for two offshore blocks in the country’s first licensing round.

Quebec shales due tests after TBR yields gas

Jul 6, 2009 Talisman Energy Inc. plans to stimulate and test multiple shale intervals in the St. Edouard-1 exploration well in Quebec’s St. Lawrence Lowlands after the well tested gas from Ordovician Trenton-Black River.

OGJ Newsletter

Apr 20, 2009

Tullow finds more Uganda oil, nears award of Congo blocks

Apr 13, 2009 Tullow Oil PLC announced a new oil discovery in Uganda and also is negotiating with neighboring Congo (former Zaire) to reacquire exploration rights to two blocks there.

OGJ Newsletter

Mar 2, 2009

Discoveries boost output on Fell Block in Chile

Jan 19, 2009 GeoPark Holdings Ltd., Buenos Aires, said it is completing its $57 million 2008 capital program on the 440,000-acre Fell Block in southern Chile’s Austral basin.

Special Report: Integrity-verification methods support US efforts in pipeline safety

Dec 16, 2002 The US pipeline industry, undergoing significant changes because of revisions to safety regulations, has responded by developing standards, recommended practices, and guidelines that can be used by operators to develop, implement, and validate pipeline-integrity verification programs.

Direct assessment, data integration important in establishing pipeline integrity

Sep 2, 2002 Direct assessment (DA) can be effectively employed to assess pipeline integrity within the framework of an operator's overall integrity-management program (IMP).

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