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Utica Shale Description ImageThe Utica shale formation is one of the newest natural gas discoveries in North America. It is located in New York state and the Canadian province of Quebec, along the St. Lawrence River Valley. Some geologists have suggested the gas-bearing formation extends as far south as Pennsylvania. The other major shale formation in this area is the better-known Marcellus shale.

Estimates of natural gas deposits in the formation range from a low of about 2 trillion cubic feet (tcf) to a high of 60 to 70 tcf. At this time, most companies active in the Utica shale are drilling exploratory wells on the Canadian side of the border because the state of New York has been reluctant to grant drilling permits to date. Some production rates have tested up to 1 million cubic feet per day.

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Utica Shale News

EnerVest Ohio Utica shale operations emerging

Aug 11, 2011

EV Energy Partners LP and affiliates, the largest conventional oil and gas producer in Ohio, has accumulated 780,000 net acres of mostly held-by-production in the state and is poised to operate and participate in the emerging Utica shale unconventional play in eastern Ohio.

Dominion to build W. Va. processing, fractionation for shale plays

Aug 5, 2011

Dominion, Richmond, Va., will build new 200-MMcfd gas processing and 36,000-b/d fractionation capacities along the Ohio River in Natrium, W.Va., it announced Aug. 4 as part of the next major project in the Marcellus and Utica shale regions.

Chesapeake ramping up Utica activity in Ohio

Jul 29, 2011

Chesapeake Energy Corp. believes the Utica shale in eastern Ohio offers a major new liquids-rich play based on 3,200 ft of proprietary core samples it obtained from nine wells and production results from three wells.

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Dec 27, 2010

Exploration/Development Briefs

Dec 20, 2010

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Nov 15, 2010

Quebec formalizes St. Lawrence moratorium

Oct 11, 2010 Quebec has formalized a moratorium on oil or gas exploration in the St. Lawrence River estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Firms eye gas, oil in multiple zones in eastern Canada's Maritimes basin

Oct 4, 2010 Exploration is picking up in New Brunswick, which held its largest license offering earlier in 2010, and in Quebec in eastern Canada.

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Sep 27, 2010

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Aug 2, 2010 International news for oil and gas professionals

Norse's New York seismic clarifies multiple pays

Jul 12, 2010 Norse Energy Corp., Oslo, reported encouraging initial results from a 3D seismic survey on its acreage in central New York state.

Shale gas changes N. American gas production projections

Jul 1, 2010 Estimates of ultimate gas recovery from shales have changed the outlook for gas production in the US and Canada.

MARKET WATCH: Crude oil prices continue to increase

Jun 10, 2010

The crude oil market expanded its recovery June 9 in the New York as the dollar weakened and China’s exports were reported to increase 48.5% in May from the same period in 2009.

MARKET WATCH: Crude manages small gain despite economic worries

May 25, 2010

The front-month July crude contract managed a small gain May 24 in the New York market despite a 1.4% strengthening of the US dollar and a continued drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average as the danger of a military confrontation between North and South Korea was added to worries of an economic meltdown in Europe.

Well tests near in western Idaho's Boise basin

May 3, 2010 Calgary independents Bridge Resources Corp. and Paramax Resources Ltd. have completed a third indicated discovery in western Idaho's nonproducing Boise basin and expect to start completion of the first well in May.

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