Tight Gas Sands

Tight Gas Description ImageThe term tight gas sands refers to low-permeability sandstone reservoirs that produce primarily dry natural gas. A tight gas reservoir is one that cannot be produced at economic flow rates or recover economic volumes of gas unless the well is stimulated by a large hydraulic fracture treatment and/or produced using horizontal wellbores. This definition also applies to coalbed methane, shale gas, and tight carbonate reservoirs. Tight sands produce about 6 tcf of gas per year in the United States, about 25% of the total gas produced. The Energy Information Administration estimates that 310 tcf of technically recoverable tight gas exists within the US, representing over 17% of the total recoverable gas. Worldwide, more than 7,400 tcf of natural gas is estimated to be contained within tight sands, with some estimates as large as 30,000 TCF.

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Tight Gas
Tight Gas

Tight Gas News

Barnett to spar Hugoton for top US natural gas field

May 14, 2007 Newark East field in North Texas, center of the Mississippian Barnett shale play, was Texas’s largest gas-producing field in 2006 and could become the largest in terms of ultimate recovery in the Lower 48.

OGJ Newsletter

May 7, 2007

AGA: US gas reserves 205 tcf at yearend 2006

Apr 2, 2007 US natural gas reserves increased for the eighth consecutive year in 2006 as producers drilled a record 30,000 wells, the American Gas Association reported in its latest annual estimate of domestic supplies.

OGJ Newsletter

Mar 5, 2007

Gastech: LNG driving changes in gas markets

Jan 8, 2007 Driven by the rapid development of LNG, gas markets are being transformed from regional into global markets and have been undergoing other major changes, said Total SA Executive Vice-Pres. Yves-Louis Darricarrere at the 2006 Gastech Conference in Abu Dhabi.

Company News: Perenco buying UK North Sea properties from BG Group

May 19, 2003 Oil and gas company property divestitures have accelerated this year, and recent activity included two North Sea property deals.

US onshore industry bustles with high prices, decline legacy

May 12, 2003 Relatively high gas and oil prices are exerting more punch into US onshore exploration and development.

CERA: Social performance vital to industry's success

Feb 24, 2003 The energy industry has "a responsibility to lead as well as to serve" through "better social performance," said Walter van de Vijver, managing director of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group and CEO of Shell Exploration & Production, at the Cambridge Energy Research Associates' annual energy conference in Houston earlier this month.

New year clouded by uncertainty but filled with technical promise

Jan 6, 2003 The oil and gas industry enters 2003 uncertain about geopolitical events, doubtful about markets, yet equipped with technology advancing rapidly on many fronts.

Repeat of 2000-01 opportunistic gas drilling unlikely

Dec 16, 2002 The arctic express that blitzkrieged much of the eastern and southern US the first week of December serves as a reminder of how energy commodity prices are beholden to such short-term phenomena as weather and geopolitics.

Ziff: N. American gas drilling must be stepped up to maintain deliverability

Nov 11, 2002 The pace of North American drilling will have to increase just to maintain current natural gas deliverability, panelists from several regions told a Ziff Energy Group conference in Calgary late last month.

Point of View: US sweet-gas plays remain attractive

Nov 11, 2002 Michael B. Walen over the last several years has helped to transform Cabot Oil & Gas Corp., Houston from a low-risk development driller to a growth-oriented exploration company with an emphasis on the Gulf Coast and Rocky Mountains, primarily in sweet-gas plays.

Duke Energy: Both arctic pipelines likely to be built

Nov 11, 2002 Both the Alaska natural gas pipeline and the Mackenzie Valley pipeline will be built, with the Mackenzie line likely to go first, says a senior Canadian pipeline executive.

Special Report: US independents grappling with changing energy policy, limited access to land, capital

Oct 21, 2002 The role of US independent exploration and production companies continues to evolve along with the changing industry environment.

Area Drilling

Oct 14, 2002 Sinopec Corp. of China won a contract from Sonatrach and the Energy & Mines Ministry to enhance recovery from giant Zarzaitine field in east-central Algeria.

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