Tight Gas Sands

Tight Gas Description ImageThe term tight gas sands refers to low-permeability sandstone reservoirs that produce primarily dry natural gas. A tight gas reservoir is one that cannot be produced at economic flow rates or recover economic volumes of gas unless the well is stimulated by a large hydraulic fracture treatment and/or produced using horizontal wellbores. This definition also applies to coalbed methane, shale gas, and tight carbonate reservoirs. Tight sands produce about 6 tcf of gas per year in the United States, about 25% of the total gas produced. The Energy Information Administration estimates that 310 tcf of technically recoverable tight gas exists within the US, representing over 17% of the total recoverable gas. Worldwide, more than 7,400 tcf of natural gas is estimated to be contained within tight sands, with some estimates as large as 30,000 TCF.

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Tight Gas
Tight Gas

Tight Gas News

Oxy sells Argentine assets; buys US assets

Dec 20, 2010 Occidental Petroleum Corp. plans to sell its properties in Argentina for $2.5 billion to Sinopec Group.

Frac disclosures

Dec 13, 2010 The controversy surrounding perceived hazards of contaminating ground and surface fresh water from hydraulic fracturing has led service companies and operators to disclose much more about the fluids and practices that are essential for tapping the vast gas and oil resources trapped in shales, tight sands, and coals.

Report: Imports, unconventional gas to meet surging Chinese gas demand

Dec 13, 2010 In a prewinter analysis of Chinese natural gas demand for the 2010-11 heating season, Poten & Partners, New York, reports that the country's National Development and Reform Commission had demanded a 20% increase in gas supplies to avoid a recurrence of last winter's shortages.

Piecing together the puzzle

Nov 29, 2010 As Oil & Gas Journal editors begin to assemble OGJ's annual Forecast & Review, due to be published Jan. 3, 2011, there are many economic and market forces to consider.

OGJ Newsletter

Nov 15, 2010

OGJ Newsletter

Nov 8, 2010

Opening gas markets

Oct 25, 2010 Suddenly, US producers of oil and gas have to worry about market development.

WoodMac: Majors buying into shale gas plays

Oct 11, 2010 North American large caps and smaller exploration and production companies now dominate the largest and most economically attractive US shale plays, but the majors and large cap foreign firms are moving in through mergers and acquisitions, said Wood Mackenzie Ltd., Edinburgh, in its latest corporate analysis.

Optimized stimulation strategies enhance Aramco gas production

Oct 4, 2010 A systematic approach for understanding and evaluating reservoir conditions and use of high-end technology has provided Saudi Aramco the means for developing and managing deep, high pressure, high temperature, and prolific as well as poor quality gas reservoirs.

TransAtlantic pursues Thrace unconventionals

Oct 4, 2010 TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd., Dallas, is in the midst of a push to examine shallow and deep gas potential in conventional and unconventional formations in northwestern Turkey's Thrace basin.

Amadeus basin drilling has unconventional, conventional targets

Oct 4, 2010 Perth-based explorer Central Petroleum Ltd. has temporarily put aside teasing that resulted from its recent Ooraminna-2 gas appraisal well in the eastern Amadeus basin southeast of Alice Springs to concentrate on a rank wildcat oil prospect some 600 km to the west and close to the Northern Territory/Western Australian border.

WEC speakers see growing need for hydrocarbon energy

Sep 20, 2010 Keynote speakers at the World Energy Congress in Montreal this week predicted rising demand for hydrocarbon fuels, especially natural gas, despite growth in the use of alternatives.

WEC speakers see growing need for hydrocarbon energy

Sep 15, 2010

Keynote speakers at the World Energy Congress in Montreal this week predicted rising demand for hydrocarbon fuels, especially natural gas, despite growth in the use of alternatives.


Aug 16, 2010

Prospects slowly brighten for operations off Europe

Aug 2, 2010 Nervous optimism describes the mood of European operators just past 2010's midpoint as oil prices have recovered from the drastic late 2008 slump, economies slowly emerge from the worst recession since World War II, and financing options resurface.

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