Piceance/Uinta Tight Gas

Piceance/Uinta Description ImageThe Piceance and Uinta basins are in northeastern Utah and northwestern Colorado. Both the Piceance and Uinta are tight gas resources plays. The primary target of gas development has been the Williams Fork formation, of Cretaceous age, in the Mesaverde group. The Williams Fork is a several-thousand-foot thick section of shale, sandstone, and coal deposited in a coastal plain environment. The formation has long been known to contain natural gas. However, the sandstone reservoirs have low permeability and limited areal extent, which made gas wells uneconomic in the past.

Key players in the Piceance and Uinta resource plays include Chevron, Encana, ExxonMobil, Noble Energy, Bill Barrett Corp., Antero Resources, Delta Petroleum, Laramie Energy, and Harvest Natural Resources – to name just a few.

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OGJ Newsletter

Mar 23, 2009

Operators report string of Gulf of Mexico discoveries

Feb 16, 2009 Operators in the Gulf of Mexico reported a string of discoveries in late January and early February 2009.

OIL SHALE—1: US, world possess rich resource base

Jan 19, 2009 Oil shale contains a massive energy resource that potentially can contribute greatly to the world’s energy supply.

Times may be a-changin’

Jan 12, 2009 US President-elect Barrack Obama picked several environmentalists and climate-change advocates to form his administration, and that has prompted some heated comments, both pro and con.

US shale gas surge stimulating< construction of processing plants

Jan 5, 2009 Rising production of natural gas will stimulate construction of gas processing plants in the US this year.

OGJ Newsletter

Dec 17, 2007

OGJ Newsletter

Nov 26, 2007

UNCONVENTIONAL GAS-Conclusion: Outlook sees resource growth during next decade

Nov 19, 2007 Modeling and analyses indicate that as long as natural gas prices do not fall dramatically unconventional gas production will continue to expand, particularly as investment in improved recovery technology continues and as new plays and prospects are developed.

SPECIAL REPORT: Project numbers up in pipeline, US gas processing categories

Nov 19, 2007 Oil & Gas Journal’s semiannual Worldwide Construction Update shows a slight increase in the number of planned pipeline projects as well as new and expanded gas processing plants in the US compared to the previous edition of the update.

OGJ Newsletter

Nov 12, 2007

Larger, newer rig fleet enables 7% increase in world drilling

Oct 22, 2007 Oil prices remain strong, surpassing $80/bbl this year, keeping operators motivated and contract drillers busy despite depressed natural gas prices.

Canadian drilling pace slows

Oct 22, 2007 Fewer wells are being drilled in Canada this year, equivalent to activity 5-6 years ago.

UNCONVENTIONAL GAS-5: Rising drilling, stimulation costs pressure economics

Oct 15, 2007 The sharp recent rise in well drilling and particularly well stimulation costs has led to the concern that much of the US unconventional gas resource may be becoming uneconomic.

OGJ Newsletter

Oct 15, 2007

UNCONVENTIONAL GAS-4: Technology, efficiencies keys to resource expansion

Oct 1, 2007 At the core of every successful unconventional gas play are two common themes: the continuous search for improvements in technology and the relentless pursuit of cost and operating efficiencies.

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