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Other Unconventional Description ImageIn addition to the well-known gas shale plays like the Barnett, Haynesville, Marcellus, and Eagle Ford, and oil plays like the Bakken, there are perhaps dozens of smaller, less well-known resource plays, many of which are in the very early stages of exploration and development. Some of the plays are shale and others are tight gas or coalbed methane. Many are in the United States and Canada, but increasingly exploration and production companies are using modern drilling and production technology to develop natural gas and oil from unconventional subsurface formations in Europe and Asia. Doubtless, unconventional resources eventually will be exploited in Africa, South America, and Australia as well. What we call “unconventional” today will be considered “conventional” in time.

Other Unconventional Oil News

OGJ Newsletter

Sep 27, 2010

Callon taps Newberry as senior vice-president

Sep 23, 2010

Callon Petroleum Co., Natchez, Miss., has elevated Gary A. Newberry as senior vice-president, operations. He was vice-president of production and development.

SPE ATCE: Gas demand expected to grow

Sep 21, 2010

Worldwide demand for natural gas may grow by 1.3-1.6%/year through 2030, according to presentations at the opening general session of the Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition in Florence, Italy, on Sept. 20.

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Sep 20, 2010

Unconventional gas resources changing more than markets

Sep 6, 2010 Development of unconventional gas resources is overhauling more than markets. It's changing companies, too.

OGJ Newsletter

Sep 6, 2010

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Aug 30, 2010

Unconventional gas resources changing more than markets

Aug 27, 2010

Development of unconventional gas resources is overhauling more than markets. It’s changing companies, too.

FACTS: China to top Japan in gas imports

Aug 23, 2010 China will surpass Japan as Asia's largest natural gas importer through a combination of LNG and pipeline gas in 5-10 years, according to FACTS Global Energy Group in an August report.

M&A hits highest level in nearly 2 years

Aug 16, 2010 Mergers and acquisitions in the US oil and gas sector hit the highest level in 1¾ years during the second quarter, said officials at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PWC) in a recent report.

Direct Energy to buy gas assets in Alberta

Aug 12, 2010

Direct Energy, a North American gas and electricity retailer, has agreed to acquire producing natural gas interests in the Wildcat Hills area 35 km northwest of Calgary, Alta., from Suncor Energy for $375 million (Can.).

Unconventional gas revolution to reshape global gas dynamics

Aug 2, 2010 Global unconventional gas has the potential to reshape global gas dynamics, according to a report by analyst Wood Mackenzie.


Aug 2, 2010

OGJ Newsletter

Aug 2, 2010 International news for oil and gas professionals

China gas study finds need to boost imports

Jul 26, 2010

China’s unconventional gas production will climb sharply to 2030 to help meet the country’s growing demand for gas, but China will have to boost its imports over the next decade, says a study by Wood Mackenzie.

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