Other Unconventional Oil

Other Unconventional Description ImageIn addition to the well-known gas shale plays like the Barnett, Haynesville, Marcellus, and Eagle Ford, and oil plays like the Bakken, there are perhaps dozens of smaller, less well-known resource plays, many of which are in the very early stages of exploration and development. Some of the plays are shale and others are tight gas or coalbed methane. Many are in the United States and Canada, but increasingly exploration and production companies are using modern drilling and production technology to develop natural gas and oil from unconventional subsurface formations in Europe and Asia. Doubtless, unconventional resources eventually will be exploited in Africa, South America, and Australia as well. What we call “unconventional” today will be considered “conventional” in time.

Other Unconventional Oil News

Special Report: Understanding process key to shale gas development

Sep 28, 2009 Making hydrocarbon production from shales a profitable venture requires a process for driving down overall costs.

Special Report: GAS SHALE—1: Seven plays dominate North America activity

Sep 28, 2009 Seven shale plays dominate today's North America natural gas potential reserves additions and production increases.

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Sep 21, 2009

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Aug 24, 2009

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Aug 17, 2009

Special Report: Project start, completion dates become less definite

Aug 10, 2009 Many oil and gas development projects remain on schedule, but companies also have deferred many projects so that start-up and completion dates have become less certain.

Editorial: Politics and fuel choice

Aug 10, 2009 The folly of governmental fuel choice is playing out vividly in the shadowed margins of fiscal politics. Hydrogen, everyone’s favorite vehicle fuel a few years ago, has fallen from grace—at least in some quarters.

Gas hydrate assessment needed, House panel told

Aug 10, 2009 Natural gas hydrates are a potentially significant energy source, but more work needs to be done to determine if they can be economically produced, three experts told a US House subcommittee late last month.

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Aug 3, 2009

Special Report: Sonatrach maintains investments despite low crude oil prices

Aug 3, 2009 Despite declines in oil and gas prices, Sonatrach, the Algerian national oil company, is maintaining its investment program.

Natural gas oversupply creating buyers' market

Aug 3, 2009 Natural gas buyers everywhere stand to from the current global gas oversupply.

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Jul 27, 2009

Special Report: Weak energy demand to persist through 2009

Jul 20, 2009 Demand for oil will shrink this year—as will demand for almost all sources of energy in the US—because of economic contraction. Gas, coal, and nuclear energy demand will decline, but the use of hydroelectric power generation and all other renewable energy sources will grow from last year.

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Jul 20, 2009

Watching Government: Stalemate likely on Section 526

Jul 20, 2009 US House and Senate committees have each approved amendments to Section 526 of the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act. But the devil, once again, is in the details.
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