Other Unconventional Oil

Other Unconventional Description ImageIn addition to the well-known gas shale plays like the Barnett, Haynesville, Marcellus, and Eagle Ford, and oil plays like the Bakken, there are perhaps dozens of smaller, less well-known resource plays, many of which are in the very early stages of exploration and development. Some of the plays are shale and others are tight gas or coalbed methane. Many are in the United States and Canada, but increasingly exploration and production companies are using modern drilling and production technology to develop natural gas and oil from unconventional subsurface formations in Europe and Asia. Doubtless, unconventional resources eventually will be exploited in Africa, South America, and Australia as well. What we call “unconventional” today will be considered “conventional” in time.

Other Unconventional Oil News

Modeling exercises assess US CO2-EOR potential

Apr 12, 2010

Modeling exercises indicate carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery might recover a considerable amount of technically and economically incremental oil in different regions of the US under various technology scenarios.

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Apr 5, 2010

Michigan basin Utica shale gas play may ignite

Apr 5, 2010 A play for natural gas in Upper Ordovician Utica shale may be nearly ready to sprout wings in the northern Michigan basin.

Linn Energy to buy additional Permian basin assets

Mar 31, 2010

Linn Energy LLC, Houston, has agreed to spend $305 million to acquire more oil and gas properties in the Permian basin, saying the acquisition is expected to double its production in that basin.

Linn Energy to acquire Antrim shale properties in Michigan

Mar 29, 2010

Linn Energy LLC agreed to acquire natural gas properties in the Antrim shale of northern Michigan from HighMount Exploration & Production LLC for $330 million. Both companies are based in Houston.

El Paso unit buys majority stake in Elba Island terminal, line

Mar 26, 2010

El Paso Pipeline Partners LP will pay $810 million for a 51% interest in both Southern LNG Co. LLC and El Paso Elba Express Co. LLC to El Paso Corp.

CERAWeek: LNG industry struggles with oversupply

Mar 22, 2010

Global LNG players are struggling with the current abundance of LNG capacity and the companion spike in supply from unconventional sources, mainly shale gas in North America.

WoodMac: Gas glut forcing Gazprom to look elsewhere

Mar 20, 2010 Russia faces a difficult natural gas market in short and medium terms, with both prices and market share coming under pressure.

Special Report: LNG Update: US gas market well-supplied: LNG or shale gas?

Mar 15, 2010 Expanding natural gas production from indigenous sources poses the most serious threat to imports of natural gas as LNG into North America, primarily the US.

'Flexible factory' steadies unconventional gas work

Mar 15, 2010 Enhancing operational flexibility of the factory approach to unconventional-gas drilling programs can help operators lower the risk of inefficient use of capital, which some have encountered with costly results.

IHS Herold: Global upstream M&A activity up in 2009

Mar 15, 2010 The value of global upstream mergers and acquisitions jumped 40% during 2009 to just under $150 billion, IHS Herold Inc. reported Mar. 8 in its annual Global Upstream M&A Review.

Special Report: LNG Update: Asia-Pacific LNG capacities, plans to move ahead in 2010

Mar 15, 2010 Global LNG capacities and trade moved into unfamiliar and unsettling territory in 2009-10.

CERAWeek: LNG industry struggles with supply abundance, global recession

Mar 10, 2010

Global LNG players are struggling with the current abundance of LNG capacity and the companion spike in supply from unconventional sources, mainly shale gas in North America.

CERAWeek: Asia to dominate growing energy demand

Mar 9, 2010

Energy demand is shifting from the developed world to the developing world, and Asia is expected to account for much of the growing demand during the next 20 years, speakers told CERAWeek attendees on Mar. 8.

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Mar 8, 2010
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