Oil Sands

Surprising to many, Canada is the No. 1 oil exporter to the United States. Increasingly, these supplies come from Canada’s oil sands in northern Alberta. That province’s estimated oil sands deposits are in excess of 1.7 trillion barrels of crude bitumen. More than $91 billion has been invested in the oil sands in recent years and over $170 billion in oil sands-related projects. Venezuela and California are also heavy oil producers.

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Canadian Oil Sands
Canadian Oil Sands

Oil Sands News

EXPLORATION Oil, gas, coal, uranium, tar sand resource trends on rise

Sep 4, 1995 G. Warfield Hobbs Ammonite Resources Co. New Canaan, Conn. The first part of this article presented a macro-economic and demographic overview of current and projected trends in energy consumption and comparative energy costs. This part and the third part will address developments in each resource in more detail. Crude oil provides 40% of the worlds energy requirements. As of Jan. 1, 1995, worldwide proved reserves of oil were 999,760,837 bbl (OGJ, Dec. 16, 1994, p. 35). What is most

Syncrude operation claims production mark from oilsands

Oct 9, 1995 Syncrude Canada Ltd. has claimed a Canadian oilsands industry high mark for bitumen production. The companys extraction plant near Fort McMurray, Alta., produced its 1 billionth bbl of bitumen Sept. 26. Syncrude began operations in September 1978. Syncrude recovers bitumen from oilsand mined at its surface mine, the largest of its type in the world. The bitumen is upgraded into high quality Syncrude sweet blend crude oil. Alberta has three oilsands deposits: Cold Lake, Peace River, and


Nov 13, 1995 AN EXPORT CREDIT PACKAGE arranged to finance construction of a $400 million, 50,000 b/d grassroots condensate refinery in Uzbekistan is complete. Uzbekistan will finance 40% of the plant, to be delivered under a turnkey contract to state owned Uzbekneftegas by France's Technip and Japan's Marubeni and JGC Corp. Basic engineering was completed in 1994, and detailed engineering and offsites work is under way.

Oil shale development scheduled in Australia

Jan 1, 1996 A Canadian-Australian combine has agreed to proceed with an oil shale development program in Queensland, Australia. Phased development at the port city of Gladstone could produce an ultimate 85,000 b/d of oil from the Stuart deposit on Queenslands Coral Sea coast. In the first phase, combine member Suncor Inc., Calgary, will spend $7 million (Canadian) to conduct preliminary engineering and complete project negotiations. Its partners are Australias Southern Pacific Petroleum NL and Central

Syncrude oil production keeps climbing

Jan 15, 1996 Syncrude Canada Ltd. produced a record volume of sweet blend crude oil during 1995. Production from the company's oilsands operation at Fort McMurray, Alta., jumped to 73.9 million bbl, topping the target for the year by 400,000 bbl. Fourth quarter 1995 production was 19.5 million bbl, which exceeded production of 17.9 million bbl during the same period of 1994. December production in both years was 6.4 million bbl.

NEWS Canadian oilsands, heavy oil poised for surge in development

May 20, 1996 Syncrude Canada $1 billion expansion of its oilsands operation will center on this massive site at Fort McMurray, Alta. Photo courtesy of Syncrude. How Canadian OilSands Production Has Grown [106346 bytes] Operators in Canada's oilsands and heavy oil regions are on the brink of a period of growth that could last well into the next century.

Interest grows in Mississippi's Upper Jurassic Cotton Valley trend

Jun 23, 1997 From East Texas, across northern Louisiana, southern Arkansas, and through central and southeastern Mississippi, the Upper Jurassic Cotton Valley Group of the Gulf Coast has long been an important source of oil and gas production. Presently, while the intensely competitive Cotton Valley reef trend boils along in East Texas, Mississippi's Cotton Valley trend is beginning to simmer.

API May U.S. well completions

Jul 7, 1997 API May U.S. well completions [19361 bytes] Oil Industries & Engineering Co. of Iran with 10% and PetroFina SA of Belgium with 5% have joined a group that plans to explore and develop the Lenkoran and Talysh structures in the Caspian Sea (see map, OGJ, Jan. 20, 1997, p. 31). The Elf Aquitaine led group also includes State Oil Co. of the Azerbaijan Republic and units of Total and Deminex. Esso Norge AS has a Paleocene discovery at its 100% owned Forseti prospect 4 miles north of Balder field in

Interference tests verify reservoir continuity, offshore Africa

Nov 3, 1997 Arlene G. Pollin Mobil Exploration & Producing Services Inc. Dallas Steve Hill Expro North Sea Ltd. London Ian Treherne Plus Design Ltd. London Interference testing during start-up of the Zafiro field, offshore Equatorial Guinea, determined the degree of reservoir continuity within the field. This testing involved producing a single well at a fixed rate while observing the reservoir pressure response in four offset wells.

More projects join Canada's oilsands fray

Dec 8, 1997 The oilsands boom in northern Alberta has expanded with announcements of new projects worth more than $4.1 billion (Canadian), further pushing expectations for oilsands' contribution to Canada's oil production. Syncrude Canada Ltd. will spend an additional $3 billion on expansion of its crude oil upgrader near Fort McMurray, Alta. Gulf Canada Resources Ltd., Calgary, will spend $1.1 billion in five stages to 2006 to develop its Surmont leases, 36 miles southeast of Fort McMurray.

Asia, North America lead way in growth of NGL, LPG trade

Jan 12, 1998 Recent analyses of world NGL trade indicate that important changes in LPG supply and demand are under way in Asia and North America. LPG markets in the 1990s reflect a rapidly shifting balance between East-of-Suez and West-of-Suez markets. This shift has increased concern about availability of future LPG supplies for Asia.

Athabasca oil sands produce quality FCC feeds

Jan 19, 1998 Syncrude Canada Ltd. and Mitsubishi Oil Co.'s (MOC) Petroleum Research Laboratory jointly evaluated the quality of various Athabasca bitumen-derived vacuum gas oils (VGOs) and solvent-deasphalted oil (DAOs) as feedstocks for fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) units. They determined that FCC feeds comparable to the VGO from a typical Alberta light crude oil can be produced from oil sands bitumen by selecting appropriate upgrading processes. Of the nine Athabasca bitumen feeds tested, three can

Drive To Produce Heavy Crude Prompts Variety Of Transportation Methods

Oct 26, 1998 Storage tanks have been installed near Jose, Venezuela, to accommodate upgraded Zuata crude oil from the Orinoco Belt. Currently, the crude oil is moving in a dilution with much lighter crude oil. But when the Jose upgrader is completed in early 2000, the bitumen will be blended and transported with a 47° API naphtha that will be separated and returned to the field for more blending. The offshore loading dock is being installed upper left. (Photograph courtesy Petróleos de Venezuela


Nov 9, 1998 U.S. Industry Scoreboard 11/9 [43,903 bytes] So weak are oil market fundamentals that even another outburst by Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has done nothing to revive prices.

Oil producers face key question: How long will prices stay low?

Dec 28, 1998 Nymex Crude Price Chronology [145,887 bytes] Oil Stock vs. World Oil Prices [68,163 bytes] Global/Supply Demand Balance [65,146 bytes] How Oil Price Outlooks Changed in a Year [114,368 bytes] Price Outlook, Near Term To Mid-Term [145,537 bytes] Outlook for U.S. E & D Spending, Employment [146,773 bytes]
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