Niobrara Shale Description ImageThe Niobrara shale formation is situated in northeastern Colorado and parts of adjacent Wyoming, Nebraska, and Kansas. Primarily an oil play, it is in the Denver-Julesburg Basin, which has long been a major oil and gas province. An emerging play, the Niobrara is in its early stages and companies have been busy leasing land for future drilling. It has been compared by some to the Bakken shale formation farther to the north.

Samson Oil & Gas is one of the earliest companies to establish a position in the Niobrara, which some call the “NeoBakken.” Other operators include EOG Resources, Anadarko Petroleum, SM Energy, Noble Energy, Chesapeake Energy, Whiting Petroleum, Quicksilver Resources, MDU Resources, and Bill Barrett Corp. Chesapeake and EOG each have about 400,000 net acres in the Niobrara.

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OGJ Newsletter

Jul 5, 2010

GULF COAST ECONOMIC LIMITS—3: Economic limits calculated for fields across Louisiana

Jun 21, 2010 During 1977-2007, 690 oil and gas fields in Louisiana terminated production.

OGJ Newsletter

Jun 7, 2010

EOG sees Eagle Ford shale as major US oil discovery

Apr 19, 2010 EOG Resources Inc. has accumulated acreage across six counties in the Eagle Ford play of South Texas where the Houston independent has drilled 16 delineation wells over a 120-mile trend.

OGJ Newsletter

Apr 12, 2010

Natural gas prominent in governors' energy strategies

Feb 22, 2010 Jobs and the economy have dominated a number of US governors' State of the State (SOTS) and budget addresses so far in 2010, and will be prominent issues as the National Governors Association holds its winter meeting Feb. 20-22 in Washington, DC. Direct references to oil and gas have been few and far between, but have been significant when they have occurred.

Special Report: Canada looks to shales for boost to gas supply

Dec 14, 2009 Natural gas from shale formations represents a potentially crucial source of supply growth in Canada, where production from conventional reservoirs is declining in a trend likely to continue.

New plays emerge, although environmental issues arise

Oct 19, 2009 New shale plays continue to emerge in North America and elsewhere, but issues related to the environment and land will affect commercial shale development.

EnCana banking heavily on unconventional gas, oil

Jun 15, 2009 Unconventional gas and oil plays represent the future for EnCana Corp. and the North American oil and gas industry, EnCana said May 27.

Nonproducing Paraguay’s potential conventional and unconventional

Apr 6, 2009 A number of external factors have come together to provide many opportunities for growth for the fledgling hydrocarbon industry in Paraguay.

Iraq’s E&D Future —2 Impediments abound to exploiting Iraq’s vast petroleum resource

Jan 26, 2009 The traditional go-slow approach of the Iraq Petroleum Co. and its associated companies, its ability to shift exploration and production to where it best served its interests and to strengthen its negotiating power; as well as Iraq’s politically-driven, confrontational oil policy, unnecessary and destructive wars, and years of sanctions, have proven to be serious impediments to the development of Iraq’s oil industry.

Mancos shale oil potential large on Jicarilla lands in New Mexico

Dec 2, 2002 In these days when the oil and gas industry is looking for untapped resources overseas, a significant domestic resource is owned and managed by the Native American Tribes and Native Corporations of Alaska.

Basin margin gas is worthy target in Williston basin

Feb 28, 2000 Any company that wants to explore for domestic natural gas should consider the Williston basin.

Use resistivity as indicator of source rock maturity

May 10, 1999 The resistivity of various shale source rocks has been observed to increase with depth (Bakken, Barnett, Mowry, Niobrara, Woodford, etc.). This relationship can be explained by the retention of generated hydrocarbons in micropores. The generalized process requires: 1) a volume increase during conversion of kerogen to fluid hydrocarbons; 2) a rigid framework that provides a fixed volume of available pore space, and 3) micropores with micropermeability that retain hydrocarbon globules through

Area Drilling

Nov 11, 1996 Albania Albania's state Albpetrol signed an agreement with INA-Naftaplin of Croatia for oil and gas exploration and development on the Panaja-Vlore block. INA-Naftaplin will invest $4.7 million during 4 years. In case of a discovery, the Croatian company will invest 75% of the costs needed to develop and exploit the reserves. Albpetrol will provide the other 25%. Investment in the block is to total $70 million during 25 years. Angola Ranger Oil Ltd., Calgary, drilled the Kiame 4 appraisal
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