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International Unconventional Description ImageThere has been substantial recent interest in shale gas potential in Eastern Europe. ExxonMobil has been working to identify shale gas resources in Germany and other large end-user markets. E&P companies have selected about a dozen basins in Europe for initial exploration, including the Cambrian Alum in southern Sweden, the Vienna Basin in Austria, multiple locations in Poland (especially the promising Gdansk Basin), the Weald Basin in England, the East Paris Basin in France (as well as two other locations in France), the Lower Saxony Basin in Germany and the very large Mako Trough in Hungary. China is another important area for shale gas, as is India. Chinese and American geologists have said that China’s shale gas potential is massive and could easily rival the largest basins in the US.

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Area Drilling

Apr 29, 2002 Sooner International Petroleum Co., Oklahoma City, pulled out of the sluggish Southwest Gobustan oil and gas venture, blaming financial woes, Interfax reported.

Esso REP pursues opportunities in France

Jun 24, 2002 Esso REP, Esso's E&P arm in France, is pursuing offshore opportunities, attempting to limit declines in onshore oil fields, and cutting operational costs.

US federal lands access issues continue to boil over

Jul 8, 2002 Oil and gas companies continute to grapple with controversy over access to US federal lands. As Congress tries to hammer out a comprehensive energy bill that President George W. Bush can sign, lands access issues keep boiling over on the sidelines.

OGJ Newsletter

Aug 5, 2002 Injections of natural gas into US underground storage show no signs of slowing, despite sweltering summer heat, and could reach capacity before the heating season starts, putting more downward pressure on gas prices, said industry analysts.

Area Drilling

Aug 19, 2002 Aviva Petroleum Inc., Dallas, plans to spud an exploratory well in the Putumayo basin in fourth quarter 2002.

A field evidence for mineral-catalyzed formation of gas during coal maturation

Sep 16, 2002 The current geochemical view is that hydrocarbons generated from organic matter disseminated in fine-grained sedimentary rocks and coals are controlled primarily by temperature and duration of heating (geologic time).

US reserve additions hum

Oct 7, 2002 Operators' stellar performance in more than replacing US production in 2001 revealed some interesting differences with respect to gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons.

Area Drilling

Oct 28, 2002 PT Medco Energi International Tbk, Jakarta, agreed to acquire as much as an 80% working interest in and operatorship of the 11,600 sq km Rombebai block in Irian Jaya from Ramu International LLC, Denver.

OGJ Newsletter

Oct 28, 2002 Back-to-back storms in the central Gulf of Mexico "have improved the lot of US oil refiners considerably" through a "massive transfer of tightness from crude oil into oil products," said Paul Horsnell, head of energy research for JP Morgan Chase & Co., London.

OGJ Newsletter

Nov 4, 2002 Imports of Canadian natural gas into US markets are expected to fall 3% this year from 2001 levels and drop another 4% in 2003, said Robert Morris with Salomon Smith Barney Inc., New York.

Interior Land Appeals Board again voids CBM leases

Nov 4, 2002 The Department of the Interior's Land Appeals Board has upheld an earlier ruling to void three Powder River basin leases owned by Marathon Oil Corp.

Area Drilling

Jan 6, 2003 Talisman Energy Inc., Calgary, plans to drill one exploratory well on each of four blocks as part of a companywide record $660 million capital spending program in 2003.

US agencies endorse expanded CBM developments

Jan 20, 2003 Three government agencies are endorsing a dramatic expansion of coal- bed methane production on public lands in Montana and Wyoming under new regional environmental impact statements (EIS).

Canada's huge gas potential challenged by cost, price, pipeline transport issues

Jan 20, 2003 Canada remains a long-term storehouse to help meet North American natural gas demand. There remain enormous untapped resources of conventional and nonconventional gas in Canada.

Drilling outlook is for deline un US, steady gain in Canada

Jan 27, 2003
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