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International Unconventional Description ImageThere has been substantial recent interest in shale gas potential in Eastern Europe. ExxonMobil has been working to identify shale gas resources in Germany and other large end-user markets. E&P companies have selected about a dozen basins in Europe for initial exploration, including the Cambrian Alum in southern Sweden, the Vienna Basin in Austria, multiple locations in Poland (especially the promising Gdansk Basin), the Weald Basin in England, the East Paris Basin in France (as well as two other locations in France), the Lower Saxony Basin in Germany and the very large Mako Trough in Hungary. China is another important area for shale gas, as is India. Chinese and American geologists have said that China’s shale gas potential is massive and could easily rival the largest basins in the US.

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Technology spurs growth of U.S. coalbed methane

Jan 1, 1996 Scott H. Stevens, Jason A. Kuuskraa Advanced Resources International Inc. Arlington, Va. Richard A. Schraufnagel Gas Research Institute Chicago Since the late 1980s, more than $2 billion in capital investments and continued technological advances have harnessed an entirely new source of natural gascoalbed methane (CBM). From its roots as an experimental coal mine degasification method, the CBM industry today has grown into a significant component of U.S. natural gas supply.


Nov 11, 1996 U.S. Energy Department approved sale of another 1.9 million bbl of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve for $39.5 million (OGJ, Nov. 4, p. 38). Successful bidders for crude from the West Hackberry site near Lake Charles, La., were Texaco Trading, which bought one batch of 200,000 bbl for $20.82/bbl and another for $20.57/bbl, and Coastal States Trading, which bought 900,000 bbl for $20.95/bbl and 600,000 bbl for $20.70/bbl. Huntsman Corp.,

Central-northern Appalachian coalbed methane flow grows

Jul 7, 1997 Over the past decade in the U.S., coalbed methane (CBM) has become an increasingly important source of unconventional natural gas. The most significant CBM production occurs in the San Juan basin of Colorado and New Mexico and the Black Warrior basin of Alabama ( Fig. 1 [65359 bytes] ), which collectively in 1995 accounted for about 94% of U.S. CBM production. 1

Independents eye Ukrainian E&D projects

Dec 29, 1997 CBM Energy's Donetsk License Blocks [61,110 bytes] Ukraine Block [143,602 bytes] Independent petroleum firms are showing increasing interest in oil exploration and development projects in Ukraine. Current projects include oil, gas, and coalbed methane development schemes. Odessa Petroleum Corp., Vancouver, B.C., acquired an 80% interest in the Belolessky block in southwestern Ukraine. The company has started drilling in the East Sarata-Yaroslav prospect on the block and is gathering data on

Land, offshore exploration permits increase in France

Jun 29, 1998 France's onshore basins are experiencing a resurgence in permitting activity. Despite low oil prices, a number of permits have been requested and granted in France recently, many to non-French companies. Esso REP will start seismic surveys this year or next on its newly granted, 2,420 sq km Aquitaine Maritime permit 50 km offshore in the Aquitaine basin. The permit is adjacent to and extends west and north from Esso's Cap Ferret Ocean permit.


Jul 6, 1998 EuroGas Inc.

Incentives Needed For Foreign Participation In China's Natural Gas Sector

Aug 10, 1998 Portions of this material appeared in an article in the July/August 1998 China Business Review, published by the U.S.-China Business Council. This article summarizes the results of a workshop organized by Battelle Memorial Institute's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, July 31, 1997, to identify ways to expand natural gas use in China. The workshop was attended by representatives from four natural gas companies active in China, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the Natural Resources

Independents lead resurgence of drilling in Alaska's Cook Inlet

Sep 7, 1998 Unocal's Pioneer Prospect [191,676 bytes] While most of Alaska's exploratory interest focuses on the North Slope, the state's original commercial producing area, Cook Inlet basin, still holds significant exploratory and development interest for oil and gas companies. Leading a resurgence of drilling activity in the region are independents, once deemed a rare breed in Alaska's E&D scene. Forcenergy Inc., Miami, is setting the stage for an exploratory well that might put a


Oct 5, 1998 Exxon Corp. and Petroleos Mexicanos signed a crude oil supply agreement, under which Pemex will supply Exxon's 427,000 b/d Baytown, Tex., refinery with 65,000 b/d of heavy Maya crude. Exxon will build a coker and related facilities to enable the refinery to process the crude. Completion of the Exxon funded project is slated for second half 2001. Ssangyong Group,

Downturn catches up with France's refiners

Nov 16, 1998 Pulled along by the appreciation of the U.S. dollar and the time lag between falling crude oil prices and their effect on refined product prices, France's refining industry posted exceptional profits in first half 1998. But margins took a dive in the third quarter, to below the breakeven point. At 4.2 billion francs in the first half, French refining profits were more than double the 2 billion francs earned in first half 1997. And gross refining margins soared to 113 francs/metric ton,

China coalbed methane reaches turning point

Jan 25, 1999 Phillips Petroleum Co. conducts wire line coring operations at the LXC-003 coalbed methane exploration well in Shanxi Province, China. Whereas 1.1 tcf of coalbed methane (CBM) was produced in the U.S. during 1997, some 6% of total U.S. natural gas production, E&P efforts overseas have yet to achieve a major commercial success for this promising natural gas resource. China's conventional natural gas production is small, about 2.0 bcfd. Indeed, the 2.5 bcfd of coalbed gas produced in the U.S.

Coalbed methane project eyed for SE Queensland

Mar 15, 1999 Privately owned Australian companies Transfield Pty. Ltd. and Tri-Star Petroleum Corp. have unveiled plans for a $1 billion (Australian) coalbed methane (CBM) project in the Bowen basin of southeastern Queensland. The project could rival a Chevron Corp. group's Papua New Guinea gas pipeline project in terms of supplying potential gas customers in the state (OGJ, Sept. 7, 1998, p. 38).

Coalbed methane production shows wide range of variability

Apr 26, 1999 This well, located in the "fairway" of the San Juan basin, northern New Mexico, just finished a procedure in which the pipe rams were shut-in to pressurize the coal seams. After a period of time, the rams are opened and the pressure is vented through the blooie line at surface. This process of cavitation creates an underground chamber that expands the contact of the cleat system with the well bore, increasing its near well-bore permeability (Fig. 3).

Appraisal drilling focuses on Ordos basin coal seams

Apr 26, 1999 A multiyear pilot and appraisal program is under way to assess the potential of the Hedong coalbed methane prospect in the Ordos basin of China. The targeted coals are of Permo-Carboniferous age, consisting of 10 seams distributed over a 150-200 m interval. Geologic and engineering data acquired from 23 recently drilled wells show good cumulative coal thickness varying from 8 to 20 m, adequate gas content ranging from 12 to 18 cu m/metric ton, and potentially high permeability ( The program

Commercial coal gas play possible in Illinois basin

Jun 28, 1999 Multiple seams of Pennsylvanian age coals exist in a structurally deformed area associated with the Cottage Grove fault zone ( Fig. 1 [197,165 bytes] ) in northeastern Williamson County, Ill. Their cumulative thickness is in excess of 30 ft. BPI Industries has drilled preliminary coalbed methane (CBM) test wells in the vicinity of the Cottage Grove and Rend Lake fault zones in southern Illinois. Results from the wells drilled have been reported as "encouraging." New gas content information 1
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