Haynesville Shale ImageThe Haynesville shale play runs through northwestern Louisiana, northeastern Texas, and the southwestern tip of Arkansas. Some industry experts believe the Haynesville shale could ultimately produce as much as 30 to 40 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and will outproduce the Barnett shale in less than five years. The reason is the formation is very deep and very thick. The depth and high pressures make drilling expensive, but the payout is believed to be worth the cost.

Chesapeake Energy is the major leaseholder and producer in the Haynesville, but several smaller operators, including Houston-based Petrohawk Energy, have acquired significant positions and are increasing production quickly. The Cotton Valley tight gas formation is located just above the Haynesville shale and is also a major target for companies operating in this area.


Haynesville Shale News

Global LNG supply on rise; project costs falling

Feb 23, 2009 Global LNG supply by 2013 will jump as nearly 100 million tonnes/year (tpy) of liquefaction projects currently near start-up or under construction come on line.

Operators report string of Gulf of Mexico discoveries

Feb 16, 2009 Operators in the Gulf of Mexico reported a string of discoveries in late January and early February 2009.

National, local, and back

Feb 9, 2009 US President Barack H. Obama’s affect on the country’s oil and gas pipeline industry is still in the earliest stages of being defined.

OGJ Newsletter

Feb 9, 2009

OGJ Newsletter

Feb 2, 2009

US shale gas surge stimulating< construction of processing plants

Jan 5, 2009 Rising production of natural gas will stimulate construction of gas processing plants in the US this year.

US gives gas extra attention as output grows from shales

Jan 5, 2009 US natural gas, particularly shale gas, will receive increasing attention in 2009 because crude oil is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to find and produce.

EASTERN GULF OF MEXICO-2: Here is habitat of oil and gas under W. Florida shelf, slope

Jan 28, 2002 In the deposits of the Gulf of Mexico's geological Mesozoic province, conditions for the commercial generation, accumulation, and preservation of oil and gas were favorable off Florida.

E. Texas Upper Jurassic reefs: An expanding Cotton Valley lime play

Sep 22, 1997 Exploration for gas reserves in reefs of the Upper Jurassic Cotton Valley Lime (Haynesville) interval, East Texas basin, provides an excellent example of a frontier play in a maturely drilled province.

Area Drilling

Dec 2, 1996 The Department of Mineral Resources let a $1.9 million contract to Schlumberger GeoQuest to set up the department's Petroleum and Coal Management Information System (PCMIS). DMR will use the data management center, to be located in Bangkok, to support and accelerate the country's E&P development objectives. The center will handle E&P and associated data from all leaseholders, operators, and contractors in Thailand.


Jul 3, 1995 TAIWAN'S state owned Chinese Petroleum Co. (CPC) is a potential buyer for part of the 11.74% share of Syncrude Canada Ltd., Edmonton, put up for sale by Alberta. Murray Smith, Alberta minister of economic development and trade, said CPC is considering buying a 5% interest in the Syncrude oilsands operation at Fort McMurray, Alta. Murphy Oil Co., Calgary, a unit of Murphy Oil Corp., bought a 5% interest in Syncrude in 1 993 for $1 50 million (Canadian). SOLV-EX CORP.,


Apr 11, 1994 Edwin E. Sticker Office of Geology Jackson, Miss. The Jurassic Haynesville formation of Mississippi and Alabama has historically been just another stratigraphic unit to be penetrated before the underlying Smackover-Norphlet potential could be evaluated. But with recent production tests at rates in excess of 3,000 b/d of oil and individual wells that have produced more than 3 million bbl of oil equivalent, assuming a 6 Mcf/bbl ratio, many operators have reclassified the objective status of the


Oct 26, 1992 Mark Stephenson, John Cox, Pamela Jones-Fuentes Paramount Petroleum Co. Houston By applying the latest in 3D seismic and computer aided exploration and production (CAEX) technology, small and mid-size independents are changing the methods by which fields are discovered and profitably developed. The combination of 3D and CAEX has, in many cases, altered oilfield economics.


Aug 24, 1992 Oil wells with among the highest flowing capacities in the onshore U.S. are being completed in Alabama as operators press development of North Frisco City field. Five wells have been completed in the Monroe County field. A sixth well will be drilled in September, and four more locations have been identified on the 2,100 acre leasehold. The area is 4 miles west of Monroeville, Ala. Nuevo Energy Co., Houston, completed the field's most recent well earlier this month.


Jul 13, 1992 Edwin E. Sticker Mississippi Office of Geology Jackson Bay Springs field is in western Jasper County, Miss., about 1 mile east of the town of Bay Springs (Fig. 1). The field was discovered in 1965 after seismic work conducted by Shell Oil Co. led to the drilling of the Shell 1 C.E. Brown in 27-2n-10e. After initial completion attempts in Jurassic Upper and Lower Smackover yielded unsatisfactory results, a completion was made in a Jurassic Lower Cotton Valley sand later to be named the Bay
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