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The Barnett shale in north-central Texas lies in the Fort Worth Basin. Discovered in the 1950s, the Barnett was not commercially viable until the 1980s. Some geologists believe the formation could hold 30 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. A significant part of the drilling has occurred in the Fort Worth metro area, and Chesapeake Energy actually secured rights to drill beneath the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Drilling in the Barnett shale intensified in the past decade as modern horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing techniques were perfected for drilling in shale. Devon Energy, Chesapeake Energy, XTO Energy, and EOG Resources are among the larger players in the Barnett shale. Two years ago, 70% of all US gas shale production came from the Barnett, but that percentage of the total has been declining as production has risen in other plays.

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OGJ Newsletter

Aug 10, 2009

Special Report: Project start, completion dates become less definite

Aug 10, 2009 Many oil and gas development projects remain on schedule, but companies also have deferred many projects so that start-up and completion dates have become less certain.

Special Report: Weak energy demand to persist through 2009

Jul 20, 2009 Demand for oil will shrink this year—as will demand for almost all sources of energy in the US—because of economic contraction. Gas, coal, and nuclear energy demand will decline, but the use of hydroelectric power generation and all other renewable energy sources will grow from last year.

Special Report: States regulate hydraulic fracturing well, officials testify

Jul 6, 2009 US states already regulate hydraulic fracturing aggressively and effectively, and a federal law would be redundant, two officials told a US House subcommittee in early June.

Special Report: Hydraulic fracturing, water use issues under congressional, public scrutiny

Jul 6, 2009 The need for communication of accurate information to the public, lawmakers, and regulators is imperative on various drilling-related topics, including hydraulic fracturing, water use and supply,

Researchers develop ways to treat, recycle frac water

Jul 6, 2009 The use of membrane filtration to recycle water from fracturing flowback is among the research projects being funded by the Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA),

Special Report: Global turmoil reaches international LPG markets

Jun 22, 2009 Less than a year ago global LPG prices approached all-time highs. Since then, the global economy has moved into a recession, the world's largest LPG producer (the US) has undergone a major change in political leadership, and crude oil prices have collapsed.

Shale gas acreage, European database draw interest

Jun 15, 2009 Companies are seeking permits for shale gas prospects in southeast France in Languedoc Roussillon, the Cevennes mountains region, and the Savoie area near the Swiss border.

EnCana banking heavily on unconventional gas, oil

Jun 15, 2009 Unconventional gas and oil plays represent the future for EnCana Corp. and the North American oil and gas industry, EnCana said May 27.

Bakken, Barnett, Manitoba fuel EOG’s liquids binge

May 18, 2009 EOG Resources Inc., Houston, is emphasizing North American liquids and natural gas plays as it develops and explores unconventional and conventional plays in US and Canadian basins.

Biocides control Barnett shale fracturing fluid contamination

May 18, 2009 A team, composed of the operator and service company staff, tested various biocides to determine the best chemical for controlling bacteria in fluids used for fracturing Barnett shales in the Fort Worth basin of Texas.

DRILLING MARKET FOCUS: US rig count slumps more rapidly than industry expected

May 18, 2009 The US rig count fell much more rapidly than most in the oil and gas drilling industry had forecast, and industry executives say they are uncertain when drilling activity might recover.

OGJ Newsletter

May 11, 2009

OGJ Newsletter

Apr 20, 2009

Special Report: Survey notes project delays, cancellations

Apr 6, 2009 Oil & Gas Journal’s semiannual Worldwide Construction Update shows a decline in construction activity compared with the previous edition of the report (OGJ, Nov. 17, 2008, p. 24).
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