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The Barnett shale in north-central Texas lies in the Fort Worth Basin. Discovered in the 1950s, the Barnett was not commercially viable until the 1980s. Some geologists believe the formation could hold 30 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. A significant part of the drilling has occurred in the Fort Worth metro area, and Chesapeake Energy actually secured rights to drill beneath the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Drilling in the Barnett shale intensified in the past decade as modern horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing techniques were perfected for drilling in shale. Devon Energy, Chesapeake Energy, XTO Energy, and EOG Resources are among the larger players in the Barnett shale. Two years ago, 70% of all US gas shale production came from the Barnett, but that percentage of the total has been declining as production has risen in other plays.

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Barnett Shale News

Triangle Petroleum, Kerogen Resources drilling Arkansas’ Fayetteville shale gas

Sep 17, 2007 Calgary’s Triangle Petroleum Corp. and Houston’s Kerogen Resources Inc. have begun drilling Arkansas’ Fayetteville shale.

UNCONVENTIONAL GAS-2: Resource potential estimates likely to change

Sep 17, 2007 Understanding of the unconventional-gas resource base has improved in the past decade, but many unknowns remain.

UNCONVENTIONAL GAS-1: Reserves, production grew greatly during last decade

Sep 3, 2007 From an emerging resource 1 decade ago, and a mostly overlooked resource 2 decades ago, unconventional gas is now a core business of many large independent producers and a growing number of the major oil and gas companies.

DOJ will not challenge group’s jointly proposed nanotechnology research

Sep 3, 2007 The US Department of Justice will not challenge a proposal by a group of oil and gas producers, oil field service companies, and the University of Texas at Austin to jointly research and develop nanotechnology applications for oil and gas exploration and production.

Lampasas gets first commercial field with Strawn gas in Fort Worth basin

Aug 27, 2007 The Fort Worth basin was noted for prolific oil and gas production long before the discovery of Newark East field in 1981 and the extensive Barnett shale gas play.

More operators eye Maverick shale gas, tar sand potential

Aug 13, 2007 Gas potential in the overpressured Cretaceous Pearsall shale has drawn two of the world’s largest oil and gas companies to South Texas and the Maverick basin, a province almost exclusively tended by smaller independents for the past few decades.

Interest rising in New Zealand’s East Coast basin

Aug 6, 2007 Exploratory drilling will be increased late next year in the onshore portions of New Zealand’s East Coast basin as Trans-Orient Petroleum Ltd. begins a drilling program.

DRILLING MARKET FOCUS: Coiled tubing market grows steadily, attracts new players

Jul 23, 2007 Coiled tubing is one of the fastest growing oilfield technologies. CT services expanded 140% over 2001-06, second only to directional drilling, according to Colorado-based Spears & Assoc. Inc.

OGJ Newsletter

Jul 9, 2007

US NATURAL GAS- Conclusion: Rockies Express faces downstream bottlenecks

Jul 2, 2007 Kinder Morgan’s Rockies Express Pipeline needs capacity downstream from its Clarington, Ohio, terminus to expand before it can fully address growing demand in the Northeast.

OGJ Newsletter

Jun 11, 2007

SPECIAL REPORT: Deep water, deep drilling stimulate Gulf of Mexico

Jun 11, 2007 The US Gulf of Mexico is one of three regions-including the North Sea and South China Sea-that together are expected to receive half of total offshore spending through 2011.

Area Drilling

May 28, 2007

US states seize opportunities to maximize oil, gas production

May 21, 2007 US oil and gas-producing states must continue to work together to explore for and develop oil and gas resources and maximize production with a high sense of environmental awareness if they are to meet the nation’s ever-increasing energy requirements.

Barnett to spar Hugoton for top US natural gas field

May 14, 2007 Newark East field in North Texas, center of the Mississippian Barnett shale play, was Texas’s largest gas-producing field in 2006 and could become the largest in terms of ultimate recovery in the Lower 48.
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