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Wet Tree

Wet Tree news and technical articles from Oil & Gas Journal. Search Wet Tree latest and archived news and articles

  1. Evaluation ranks deepwater, harsh-environment floater, riser concepts

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 20 Jan 2003

    be considered for wet trees only, although ..... systems tailored for wet trees . Its design is less ..... considered FPSOs only for wet - tree applications with ..... dry-tree than wet - tree solutions in order ..... floaters used for wet trees . A variety of riser


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 29 Mar 1993

    of purpose-built GLL wet trees , FMC said the Marlim ..... method. Another 52 GLL wet trees will be needed for Marlim ..... GLL completions. GLL wet trees were installed in Marlim ..... COMPONENTS The 10 GLL wet tree designed for and installed

  1. DEEPWATER GULF DECOMMISSIONING—2: Structure inventory runs gamut of deepwater technologies

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 3 Mar 2014

    while ballast in the bottom portion provides stability. Spars have been employed in a variety of applications, including both wet - tree host and dry-tree wellhead, with or without platform drilling in water depths of 2,000-8,000 ft (Fig. 4). Station

  2. Deepwater Gulf Decommissioning—1: Aging platforms, ownership changes pose special risks

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 3 Mar 2014

    for high-cost mobile offshore drilling units. For lower well counts and isolated reservoirs, pre-drilling and subsea ( wet tree ) completions are often employed. Early discoveries in offshore basins usually involve large fields that allow for a standalone

  3. BHP Billiton’s Neptune platform sails out to gulf

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 18 Jun 2007

    bo/d and 50 MMcfd of natural gas from wet - tree production wells. “The field holds 100 ..... frontend engineering and design study for a wet - tree TLP for the Neptune prospect. Atlantia ..... the previous four, three accommodate wet - tree production and one supports dry trees. Installation

  4. OFFSHORE BONDS— Conclusion: Risk-adjusted methods update supplemental bonding calculations

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 14 Sep 2009

    wells. • Considers only surface systems or wells with a surface tree in less than 300-ft water depth. Hybrid wells and wet trees (subsea wells) in water depth greater than 300 ft require a separate assessment. • Assumes P&A technology remains essentially

  5. Developing the field

    Online Articles

    Thu, 1 Apr 2010

    assurance were still problem areas. That’s when G.T. Ju, our Subsea lead, suggested that we combine the two into a wet - tree DVA system instead.” The design team thought it over. Management gave them two months to evaluate the idea and make a proposal

  6. Shell installs world’s deepest production spar at Perdido

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 8 Sep 2008

    completions. The spar is designed to process as much as 130,000 boe/d (100,000 bo/d and 200 MMcfd of natural gas) from wet - tree production systems. Perdido is the first Gulf of Mexico spar to have hydrocarbon storage tanks for flow assurance. Shell is the

  7. Operators, service providers grapple with deepwater well interventions

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 26 May 2008

    and dry tree fields. The installed base of subsea trees is increasing and the technology is maturing, he said, although wet trees have typically been used in fields with lower reservoir complexity. Examining intervention frequency and type, Perry noted

  8. Fabricating the Single-Lift Topsides

    Online Articles

    Thu, 1 Jul 2010

    performances,” says Robert Paterson , vice president Upsteam Major Projects, Americas. They already knew that Perdido would be a wet tree DVA spar, and were convinced that a single-lift topsides would be safer to build and less expensive than a modular system

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