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Well Integrity Test

Well Integrity Test news and technical articles from Oil & Gas Journal. Search Well Integrity Test latest and archived news and articles

  1. Report cites decisions, multiple causes for Macondo well blowout, oil spill

    Online Articles

    Wed, 14 Sep 2011

    of mechanical and cement barriers, will decrease the chances of a blowout. • Well integrity testing. Better well integrity test practices (e.g., negative test practices) will allow rig crews to identify possible well control problems in

  2. BP's first relief well 'perfectly positioned' from Macondo

    Online Articles

    Tue, 20 Jul 2010

    August. In terms of an ongoing well integrity test at the top of the well, the psi ..... Adm. Thad Allen extended the well integrity test for another 24 hr on July 20 ..... on the results so far of the well integrity test . ‘Static kill’ considered Engineers

  3. OGJ FOCUS: Study reviews Iran, world well cementing practices

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 21 Jun 2010

    liner annuli cement tied into the previous string. Well integrity test Cement casing tests at the beginning of each well ..... predominantly fulfill these testing requirement, well integrity test also must not be neglected. Logging tools are currently

  4. BP planning for relief well to kill Macondo blowout starting early August

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 2 Aug 2010

    at 6,904 psi," Allen told reporters on July 25. The sealing cap was installed on July 15 for the start of a well integrity test . The well was monitored using various tools, including hydrophones and geophones. More Oil & Gas Journal Current

  5. BP reports progress with sealing cap installation

    Online Articles

    Mon, 12 Jul 2010

    installation of a capping stack that has three closing rams. After the capping stack is installed, BP plans a well integrity test in which it plans to stop the flow of oil and gas from the top of the Macondo well while pressure within the well

  6. BP sets storm packer in Macondo relief well

    Online Articles

    Wed, 21 Jul 2010

    that BP would have to move all the response vessels in the area of the Macondo well, Wells said. Meanwhile, the well integrity test continues. “The longer the integrity test, the better opportunity we will leave the well shut in,” Wells

  7. BP's first relief well 'perfectly positioned' from Macondo

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 26 Jul 2010

    Allen authorized numerous 24-hr extensions of the well integrity test , which initially was planned for a 48-hr period ..... readings, sonar tests, and seismic surveys. The well integrity test started on July 15 after BP closed a three-ram

  8. USCG says Macondo can stay capped, unattended in storm

    Online Articles

    Thu, 22 Jul 2010

    safety," Allen said. The sealing cap stopped the flow of oil and gas from the well starting on July 15 for a well integrity test . Meanwhile, crews drilling a relief well previously placed a storm packer in the relief well as a precaution in

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