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  1. US Senate panel ponders role of gas in climate-change effort

    Online Articles

    Thu, 29 Oct 2009

    Nick Snow OGJ Washington Editor WASHINGTON, DC, Oct. 29 -- Witnesses at an Oct. 28 US Senate committee hearing generally agreed that natural gas should play a major part in US efforts to address global climate change. They also disagreed on how big

  2. US Senate votes to extend OCS, oil shale moratoria

    Online Articles

    Fri, 14 Mar 2008

    Nick Snow Washington Editor WASHINGTON, DC, Mar. 14 -- The US Senate voted Mar. 13 to extend moratoria on federal oil and gas leasing on most of the Outer Continental Shelf as well as on developing

  3. US Senate rejects LNG siting amendment, passes OPEC measure

    Online Articles

    Wed, 20 Jun 2007

    Nick Snow Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, DC, June 20 -- The US Senate rejected a proposal to give governors a final word in siting onshore LNG terminals but approved a measure authorizing the Department

  4. US Senate Democrats move spill bill debate beyond Labor Day

    Online Articles

    Wed, 4 Aug 2010

    Nick Snow OGJ Washington Editor WASHINGTON, DC, Aug. 4 -- US Senate consideration of a broad energy bill that includes offshore oil-spill provisions will not take place until after Labor Day

  5. Debate on commodities bill divides US Senate

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 28 Jul 2008

    Democrats and Republicans traded charges of obstructing debate as the US Senate began on July 22 to discuss Majority Leader Harry M. Reid’s (D-Nev.) bill to reform energy commodity markets. Democrats

  6. US Senate follows House, approves pipeline safety bill

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 18 Dec 2006

    The US Senate passed an amended pipeline safety bill by voice vote on Dec. 7, following House passage of the measure on a similarly expedited

  7. US Senate defers action on energy policy bill, probably until next year

    Online Articles

    Mon, 3 Dec 2001

    Maureen Lorenzetti OGJ Online WASHINGTON, DC, Dec. 3 -- Following a series of procedural votes, the US Senate by an overwhelming 94-1 margin Monday effectively postponed controversial energy legislation Republican leaders had threatened

  8. US Senate sets hearings for Energy, Interior, EPA nominees

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 15 Jan 2001

    US Senate committees have scheduled confirmation hearings this week for nominees who will guide energy policy during the administration of

  9. US Senate budget blueprint calls on DOE to suspend SPR fill

    Online Articles

    Tue, 16 Mar 2004

    By OGJ editors WASHINGTON, DC, Mar. 16 -- The US Senate late Mar. 11 approved a nonbinding budget blueprint that includes an amendment sponsored by Sens. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and

  10. US Senate committee expands inquiry into Enron's quick demise

    Online Articles

    Thu, 3 Jan 2002

    By the OGJ Online Staff WASHINGTON, DC, Jan. 3 -- US Senate Democratic leaders Wednesday said they would subpoena documents from the directors and top executives of Enron Corp. in an investigation

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