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  1. US House bill would move Keystone XL permit decision to FERC

    Online Articles

    Mon, 5 Dec 2011

    US House Republicans joined their Senate colleagues on Dec. 2 in urging US President Barack Obama to reverse his Nov. 11 decision to delay

  2. US House unanimously passes federal pipeline safety legislation

    Online Articles

    Tue, 13 Dec 2011

    The US House unanimously approved federal pipeline legislation on Dec. 12 that would reauthorize and strengthen pipeline safety programs through

  3. US House subcommittee passes bill to facilitate LNG exports

    Online Articles

    Wed, 9 Apr 2014

    A US House Energy and Commerce Committee subcommittee voted to forward a bill aimed at facilitating approvals of US LNG exports to the full

  4. US House Dems reintroduce bill taxing oil majors

    Online Articles

    Wed, 13 Feb 2008

    Nick Snow Washington Editor WASHINGTON, DC, Feb. 13 -- US House Democrats reintroduced a bill to fund renewable energy tax incentives by increasing major oil companies' taxes on Feb. 12. Plans

  5. US House passes energy bill amid Republican protest

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 13 Aug 2007

    The US House of Representatives passed a pair of energy bills Aug. 4 that Democrats said would greatly accelerate energy efficiency and alternative

  6. US House chair asks EPA about groundwater agreement

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 3 Dec 2007

    A US House committee chairman raised new questions about whether the Environmental Protection Agency is effectively monitoring a 2003 memorandum

  7. US House committee approves climate change bill

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 1 Jun 2009

    The oil and gas industry joined other industries that responded critically after the US House Energy and Commerce Committee approved a bill May 21 to address global climate change by instituting a cap-and-trade system

  8. US House approves Democratic leadership’s energy bill

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 22 Sep 2008

    US House members passed an energy bill by 236 to 189 votes on Sept. 16 which Democrats called a true compromise and Republicans labeled

  9. US House bill taking shape with CAFE, renewables focus

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 10 Dec 2007

    US House Democrats are moving toward energy legislation containing stiffer automotive fuel efficiency requirements and a higher renewable

  10. US House members trade charges as oil price climbs towards $100/bbl

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 12 Nov 2007

    US House Democratic and Republican leaders accused each other of inaction as oil prices climbed toward $100/bbl. Democrats remain committed

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