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Three Forks

  1. Bakken, Three Forks resources rise two-fold in new USGS estimate

    Online Articles

    Tue, 30 Apr 2013

    The Bakken and Three Forks formations in North Dakota, South ..... it noted. The update includes the Three Forks for the first time. USGS’s latest assessment ..... unchanged from 5 years ago—and Three Forks has an estimated mean 3.73 billion

  2. Bakken, Three Forks resources rise twofold in new USGS estimate

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 6 May 2013

    The Bakken and Three Forks formations in North Dakota, South ..... latest assessment, which includes the Three Forks for the first time, found the Bakken has ..... unchanged from 5 years ago—and Three Forks has an estimated mean 3.73 billion

  1. Oil promise seen in multiple Three Forks benches

    Online Articles

    Thu, 3 Nov 2011

    as four dolomite benches in the Three Forks formation that underlies the Bakken ..... entire vertical thickness of the Three Forks formation, which is 180-270 ..... initially targeted the first bench of Three Forks , about 20 ft below the Lower Bakken

  2. Williston Three Forks /Sanish interval tapped

    Online Articles

    Thu, 10 Jul 2008

    promising rates from the Devonian Three Forks /Sanish formation, providing ..... effort to determine whether the Three Forks /Sanish formation is a separate ..... Middle Bakken zone above it. If the Three Forks /Sanish proves to be a separate

  3. Lario bolsters Bakken-Three Forks interests

    Online Articles

    Fri, 8 Oct 2010

    Dakota, bringing its Bakken and Three Forks holdings to more than 250,000 ..... estimated its current Bakken and Three Forks production at 3,000 b/d net ..... interests in more than 36 Bakken and Three Forks wells, numerous proved undeveloped

  4. North Dakota: Northern updates Bakken-Three Forks

    Online Articles

    Mon, 28 Mar 2011

    is participating in 46 Bakken- Three Forks wells that have spud in the Williston ..... participated in 343 successful Bakken or Three Forks wells. It is participating in 141 gross Bakken or Three Forks wells that are drilling, awaiting

  5. 24-stage frac job planned for Sanish Three Forks well

    Online Articles

    Wed, 28 Oct 2009

    horizontal well, completed in the Three Forks reservoir in the Sanish field, Mountrail ..... with 7-in. casing set in the Three Forks at about a 10,000-ft vertical ..... 1/2-in. liner. Oil in the Three Forks swells the packers and creates

  6. ARM unit to build Bakken-Three Forks crude gathering system

    Online Articles

    Wed, 15 Oct 2014

    wholly owned subsidiary ARM Midstream plans to build a crude oil gathering system in the Bakken shale and underlying Three Forks formation. The system will gather crude from points in McKenzie County, ND, and transport it to interconnections

  7. Williams to buy Bakken-Three Forks stake

    Online Articles

    Mon, 15 Nov 2010

    in North Dakota that it estimates represent 185 million boe net potential recovery from the Middle Bakken and Upper Three Forks formations. The purchase will diversify the company’s exploration and production interests into light, sweet crude

  8. Dakota Gold to develop Bakken-Three Forks crude terminal

    Online Articles

    Wed, 27 Aug 2014

    crude oil transload terminal in Mountrail County, ND. Sited on 350 acres in the eastern section of the Bakken and Three Forks shale oil producing areas and served by Canadian Pacific Railway (CP), the Plaza Terminal will allow shipment to multiple

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