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Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage

Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage news and technical articles from Oil & Gas Journal. Search Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage latest and archived news and articles

  1. Oil sands 2014-38 outlay to top $514 billion

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 17 Nov 2014

    construction, ongoing and turn-around maintenance, off-site prefabrication and modular construction, steam - assisted gravity drainage well development, and cold-bitumen well development will rise from 146,000 jobs in 2014 to a peak of

  2. Grizzly Oil Sands begins SAGD production at Algar Lake

    Online Articles

    Thu, 27 Feb 2014

    Lake project in Alberta. The company said oil production “is evident in steam circulation fluids.” The steam - assisted gravity drainage project is about 60 km southwest of Fort McMurray. Grizzly holds 100% working interest in 56,960 contiguous

  3. OGJ Newsletter

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 6 Oct 2014

    stepwise approach to the oil sands." Statoil said the decision has no implications for the company's Leismer steam - assisted gravity drainage project, which is in production (OGJ Online, Jan. 27, 2011). Well Pad 5 came on stream there in August

  4. Sunshine Oilsands advancing SAGD projects

    Online Articles

    Thu, 17 Jan 2013

    and Legend Lake areas, all in the Athabasca oil sands region of Alberta and targeted for development with steam - assisted gravity drainage . The company approved a $430 million budget, of which 75% will be allocated to West Ells, 16% to Thickwood

  5. Commercial bitumen output approaches from Grosmont carbonate

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 11 Feb 2013

    its application for first-phase development to focus on the Grosmont C zone with development via cyclic steam - assisted gravity drainage (OGJ Online, Nov. 13, 2012). In separate presentations recently, Laricina and the other partner

  6. Athabasca Oil names Broen chief operating officer

    Online Articles

    Mon, 14 Oct 2013

    into with a third party in 2010.” Athabasca Oil is building Hangingstone Project 1, a 12,000 b/d steam - assisted gravity drainage project, with first steam planned for late 2014. Two further development phases of 40,000 b/d and 30

  7. Imperial Oil files applications for Aspen oil sands project

    Online Articles

    Thu, 19 Dec 2013

    regulatory applications for a new oil sands project that would have three phases of 45,000 b/d each and use steam - assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) technology. Imperial said it is considering the use of solvents to achieve enhanced in-situ recovery

  8. Grosmont carbonate formation increases Alberta's bitumen reserves

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 7 Jul 2014

    greater depths with enhanced in situ thermal recovery techniques such as cyclic steam stimulation (CSS) or steam - assisted gravity drainage (SAGD). In CSS, the first in situ enhanced recovery method developed, high-pressure steam is injected

  9. CERI: Costs up for oil sands production

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 28 Jul 2014

    last year's report, estimated costs of production before blending and transportation are up 4.4% for steam - assisted gravity drainage , 1.6% for mining without upgrading, and 5.9% for integrated mining and upgrading (OGJ Online, May

  10. OGJ Newsletter

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 14 Jul 2014

    project that would reduce water use, energy consumption, and GHG emissions, as well as operating costs. The steam - assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) Produced Water Treatment pilot project is expected to cost $20 million in total, including $5

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