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Secondary Recovery

Secondary Recovery news and technical articles from Oil & Gas Journal. Search Secondary Recovery latest and archived news and articles

  1. Merger involves Colorado’s third largest oil field

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    Mon, 29 Jul 2013

    125 bcf of natural gas. Nearly all Adena field producing wells were temporarily abandoned or shut-in during the secondary recovery phase in the mid-1980s when oil prices collapsed, and only a small number of wells have been produced since that

  2. Egyptian fields have large potential for enhanced oil recovery technology

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 1 Oct 2012

    reserves. Worldwide EOR status Substantial oil, as much as 60% of the initial oil in place, may remain after secondary recovery because of capillary forces, interfacial tension, and partial reservoir sweep by injected fluids. 1 This remaining

  3. EOR via CO 2 flood requires careful transportation assessment

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 1 Jul 2013

    3D to increase recovery to 35%, resulting in an ultimate oil recovery of 4.8-million bbl at the end of the secondary recovery process. Cumulative production from the zone totals 4.5-million bbl. Estimated reservoir pressure is 2,600

  4. Thermal heavy-oil recovery projects succeed in Egypt, Syria

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 22 Dec 2008

    tertiary recovery schemes. 4-6 Secondary recovery typically involves direct oil ..... Additional recovery with secondary recovery methods average 3-10% of ..... in place, may remain after secondary recovery because of capillary forces

  5. GLOBAL OIL RESERVES-1: Recovery factors leave vast target for EOR technologies

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 5 Nov 2007

    the life of the reservoir by secondary recovery or improved oil recovery (IOR ..... natural water drives. When secondary recovery processes are implemented from ..... without the application of secondary recovery processes. As a general rule

  6. Permeability profiles provide new reservoir management tools

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 29 Sep 1997

    and for designing primary and secondary recovery schemes. Average production ..... hydrocarbon recovery during the secondary recovery . Since the mid-1980s, there ..... achieved by early initiation of secondary recovery methods or even by combining

  7. California's Paris Valley gets new operator

    Online Articles

    Tue, 24 Nov 2009

    but low oil prices precluded economic development. It is likely that the field development plan will incorporate secondary recovery such as steam injection from start-up of production. Central Paris Valley has 24 vertical wells and an estimated

  8. Central Wilmington pipeline ends oil trucking

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 28 Jul 2008

    proved reserves in WTU and 19 million bbl in NWU at the end of 2007. The figures for WTU don’t include further secondary recovery or alkaline-surfactant-polymer flood potential. Warren Resources has also taken steps to consume more associated

  9. CO 2 injection under way in Alabama EOR pilot project

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 8 Mar 2010

    successful demonstration could make incremental oil recovery at Citronelle field 60% greater than from the conventional secondary recovery which has occurred there, DOE's Fossil Energy Office said. It noted that Advanced Resources International of

  10. Pacific Rubiales Energy seeks downstream market integration

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 15 Nov 2010

    adjacent Quifa block is to yield 30,000 b/d at the end of 2010 and 60,000 b/d by the end of 2011. The STAR secondary recovery project is expected to add reserves in Rubiales and the firm's other heavy oil blocks. Recent success in Block

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