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Refrigeration news and technical articles from Oil & Gas Journal. Search Refrigeration latest and archived news and articles

  1. New waste-heat refrigeration unit cuts flaring, reduces pollution

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 18 May 1998

    consists of a central ammonia-absorption refrigeration skid, a remote waste-heat site ..... future remote intermediate-temperature refrigeration site. Shown here is the absorption- refrigeration skid containing the low-temperature

  2. MarkWest Utica EMG has started up the 60 MMcfd Cadiz refrigeration plant in Ohio supported by production from two Utica shale wells operated by Gulfport Energy

    Online Articles

    Tue, 27 Nov 2012

    MarkWest Utica EMG LLC has started up the 60 MMcfd Cadiz refrigeration plant in Harrison County, Ohio, supported by production from two Utica shale wells operated by Gulfport Energy Corp., Oklahoma

  1. Refrigeration provides economic process for recovering NGL from CO 2 -EOR recycle gas

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 18 Jan 2010

    reservoir that can be recovered with a refrigeration process. The process involves refrigerating the ..... best to install this NGL recovery and refrigeration facility early in the CO 2 injection project's ..... Solution gas chiller with propane refrigeration plant. • Low-temperature separator to feed

  2. New NGL-recovery process provides viable alternative

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 9 Jan 2012

    Operational scenarios for two uses of a new refrigeration process for recovering NGLs from natural ..... traditional process choices—straight refrigeration and turboexpander. Straight refrigeration units that most often use propane as refrigerant


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 29 May 1995

    plant operators to convert existing refrigeration systems to operation on non-CFC refrigerants ..... changes to the major components of a refrigeration system, and at a cost substantially ..... conversion study of three typical process refrigeration systems installed in a major Petrochemical


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 31 Jul 1995

    has been successfully used to provide refrigeration for field conditioning of natural gas ..... that could provide a moderate level of refrigeration necessary to meet the quality restrictions ..... expensive to operate than a propane refrigeration plant. Volatile product prices and

  5. New membrane process debottlenecks solvent dewaxing unit

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 15 Nov 1999

    dewaxed oil production by debottlenecking refrigeration , solvent recovery, and filtration ..... with other cold process streams or by refrigeration produces this additional cold solvent ..... SDU comprises three major sections: refrigeration , filtration, and solvent recovery

  6. EPP expands HSC ethane export agreements

    Online Articles

    Thu, 31 Jul 2014

    Enterprise Products Partners LP (EPP) executed an additional long-term contract to provide ethane storage, transportation, refrigeration , and loading services from its 10,000-bbl/hr loading capacity ethane export terminal under construction at its Morgan

  7. Pennsylvania plant to process Marcellus gas

    Online Articles

    Wed, 22 Oct 2008

    Partners LP has started up a 30 MMcfd refrigeration plant southwest of Pittsburgh to process ..... cryogenic gas processing plant next to the refrigeration unit near Houston in Chartiers Township ..... the addition of a fractionator. The refrigeration plant represents Pennsylvania's first

  8. Azure Midstream starts up Haynesville gas plant

    Online Articles

    Fri, 4 Apr 2014

    in San Augustine County, Tex. A spokesperson for Azure Midstream told OGJ that the plant consists of two 5 MMcfd freon refrigeration plants. Azure said the plant came into service on Mar. 17 and will recover NGLs from gas produced from the James Lime

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