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Recoverable Hydrocarbons

Recoverable Hydrocarbons news and technical articles from Oil & Gas Journal. Search Recoverable Hydrocarbons latest and archived news and articles

  1. OGJ Newsletter

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 27 Oct 2003

    adopted in the GOM as incentive to increase domestic production of natural gas and oil. Undiscovered economically recoverable hydrocarbons in the area are estimated at 65-85 million bbl of oil and 0.26-0.34 tcf of natural gas. MMS estimates

  2. Mexico's New Energy Era: Pemex development tracking fiscal, technological strategies

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 7 May 2001

    located in Cretaceous and Jurassic horizons below the supergiant Akal field, contains some 1.14 billion boe of recoverable hydrocarbons . Both Pemex CEO Muñoz and President Fox emphasized the twin needs for a better fiscal treatment of Pemex

  3. OGJ Newsletter

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 23 Feb 2004

    offloading vessel began earlier this year (OGJ Online, Jan. 16, 2004). The gas-condensate field contains recoverable hydrocarbons estimated at 400 million bbl of condensate and NGLs and 3.4 tcf of natural gas. Straddling the 03-12 and

  4. Mexico's New Energy Era: Gas output to grow further in Mexico's Burgos basin

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 7 May 2001

    100 tcf for similar geological conditions. Volumetric yield analysis involves the determination of ultimately recoverable hydrocarbons , discovered and undiscovered, per cubic mile of sedimentary rock. GTI projects hydrocarbon yield of 0.230

  5. Afghan resource assessment fed positive outlook for exploration

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 14 Aug 2006

    A research team recently estimated mean volumes of undiscovered conventional recoverable hydrocarbons in northern Afghanistan at 1.596 billion bbl of crude oil, 15.687 tcf of gas, and 562 million bbl of natural gas liquids

  6. MMS issues notice of central Gulf of Mexico lease sale 185

    Online Articles

    Mon, 18 Nov 2002

    3-210 miles offshore in water depths ranging from 4 m to more than 3,425 m. Undiscovered, economically recoverable hydrocarbons in this area are estimated at 270-650 million bbl of oil and 1.59-3.3 tcf of natural gas. Other concerns

  7. Area Drilling

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 6 Feb 2006

    orientation and extent of the faults. Rewa as currently mapped covers 110 sq km and could contain 110 million bbl of recoverable hydrocarbons , Groundstar said. Nigeria-Sao Tome JDZ Chevron Corp. spudded the Obo-1 wildcat on 704 sq km Block 1 about


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 8 Jun 1992

    reserves of more than 1 tcf, the 1 Calauit oil discovery, and the 1 Octon condensate deposit. The volume of recoverable hydrocarbons in the West Linapacan and Camago reservoirs demonstrates that sizable reserves can be discovered in the relatively


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 21 Nov 1994

    CO2, 28% methane and heavier hydrocarbons, and 0.5% of both hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and nitrogen. Recoverable hydrocarbons are estimated at 45 tcf, about three times the recoverable reserves of Indonesia's Arun field, also a carbonate

  10. Canada's East Coast offshore E&D poised for decades of expansion

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 19 Oct 1998

    GSOC) estimates potential oil reserves in the Jeanne d'Arc basin at up to 5 billion bbl. There could be recoverable hydrocarbons in the other basins, which have been only lightly explored. The pools discovered in the basin to date have

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