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Pumping Unit

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  1. Portable VSDs, load cells aid rod pumping at Duri

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 16 Apr 2007

    loading transmitted to the surface pumping unit may cause vibrations greater than ..... magnify the effects of an unbalance pumping unit and gearbox overload. Pumping ..... replacement or repair of the surface pumping unit . Frequent repairs may make wells

  2. Cabot using Marcellus field gas to fracture wells

    Online Articles

    Mon, 20 May 2013

    the technology on a hydraulic fracturing site.” In order to operate using natural gas, FTSI’s mobile pressure pumping unit at the site was retrofitted with a dynamic gas blending kit from Caterpillar. The system enables substitution of diesel

  3. Seismic stimulation improves production from West Texas carbonate

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 5 Dec 2011

    thus granting Texas operators a 50% severance tax reduction for 10 years. Seismic stimulation tool A conventional pumping unit powers Applied Seismic Research's (ASR's) tool for creating downhole high energy, seismic stimulation shockwaves

  4. Transferred geothermal energy heats wellbore

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 4 Mar 2013

    bottomhole to wellhead. Wax precipitation often causes stranded or blocked fluids near the wellhead, which overload the pumping unit and restrict the normal oil well production. One means of addressing this problem is to heat the produced fluid, with

  5. OGJ Newsletter

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 27 May 2013

    utilize the technology on a hydraulic fracturing site." In order to operate using natural gas, FTSI's mobile pressure pumping unit at the site was retrofitted with a dynamic gas blending kit from Caterpillar. The system enables substitution of diesel

  6. Improved designs reduce sucker-rod pumping costs

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 7 Oct 1996

    optimum counterbalancing of the pumping unit , and to achieve an ideal sucker ..... mechanical work performed by the pumping unit at the polished rod ( Fig. 2 ..... arise in the stuffing box, in the pumping unit 's structural bearings, in the

  7. Test proves out triple-action pump in downhole separation

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 4 Oct 1999

    increasing operational loads on the pumping unit , motor, or rod string. In fact ..... substantially reduced the load on the pumping unit 's gear reducer while providing ..... uneconomic to produce. The rods and pumping unit , therefore, were oversized for

  8. In situ seismic stimulation shows promise for revitalizing mature fields

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 18 Apr 2005

    and, at the top of stroke of the pumping unit , the plunger exits the top of ..... connect the top plunger to the pumping unit . The installation has a standard ..... discharged shock wave. To prevent a pumping unit from encountering or even approaching


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 18 May 1992

    to calculate the efficiency of a pumping unit , as per Equation 10. However ..... be more economical than a beam pumping unit . Based on measured electrical ..... determined. The average overall beam pumping unit efficiency was about 57%, while


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 21 Mar 2011

    exceeded initial production expectations by making more than 1,500 gross bbl of oil flowing in the first 12 days. A pumping unit will be installed in the next few weeks. The Moon well, in which Harvest's interest is 60%, is a large step toward

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