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  1. Shell announces FCC process that raises diesel, propylene yields

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    Thu, 17 Apr 2008

    increase production of diesel and propylene from FCC units. The middle distillates ..... maximize production of diesel and propylene . "Changing market demands for less gasoline and more diesel and propylene has proved difficult to achieve with

  2. Dow's Shipp: High propylene , hydrocarbons, energy prices pinch chemical industry

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    Thu, 8 Apr 2004

    Apr. 8 -- For the remainder of 2004, global propylene oxide (PO) and propylene glycol (PG) supplies are expected to remain ..... business director for PO and PG business. " Propylene monomer supply is extremely tight," he said

  3. Enterprise to acquire Diamond-Koch's propylene fractionation unit

    Online Articles

    Mon, 26 Nov 2001

    Monday it plans to acquire, for cash, a propylene fractionation business from units of ..... 66.66% interest in a polymer grade propylene fractionation facility in Mont Belvieu ..... a 50% interest in a polymer-grade propylene export terminal on the Houston Ship Channel

  4. New FCC process minimize gasoline olefin, increases propylene

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 10 Feb 2003

    minimize gasoline olefins and increase propylene significantly. Using available FCC catalysts ..... 35 vol % olefins, while increasing propylene yield by about 6 wt % points vs. conventional ..... process was also designed to maximize propylene production in LPG when necessary. Sinopec

  5. Shell Nederland brings propylene glycol ether plant on stream

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    Fri, 18 Jan 2002

    Chemie BV has brought a 100,000 tonnes/year propylene oxide glycol ether plant on stream at Pernis, the Netherlands. The plant makes propylene glycol monomethyl ether, di propylene glycol mono methyl ether, and propylene glycol


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 30 Aug 1993

    year (about 500 metric tons/day) propylene oxide (PO). The facility-under construction ..... unit in Port Neches that had produced propylene oxide via the chlorohydrin process ..... 1980s, Texaco began investigating new propylene oxide technologies. By 1992, the company

  7. TECHNOLOGY Membrane system recovers, recycles propylene from polymer production

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    Mon, 12 Feb 1996

    Dusseldorf, is installing a $1 million propylene recovery unit in a polypropylene plant ..... Menlo Park, Calif., will recover propylene from plant vents and recycle it for polymerization ..... evaluated the available technologies for propylene recovery, including pressure swing adsorption


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 25 May 1992

    developed a new process that converts propylene and water to diisopropyl ether (DIPE ..... where fuel oxygen is in short supply, propylene utilization for DIPE production can be ..... distribution systems. Historically, propylene has not been utilized as a fuel ether

  9. IEA: Ethylene, propylene producers having mixed 2011

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    Wed, 14 Dec 2011

    During this year’s first half, ethylene and propylene producers in countries that comprise the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development enjoyed good margins, supported

  10. Siemens to supply equipment for propylene plants

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    Thu, 28 Jun 2007

    for the world's first methanol-to- propylene (MTP) plant to be built in China. In ..... produce methanol, which is then converted to propylene . China's MTP project comprises two propylene plants that will use Lurgi AG's plastics

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