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Produced Water

Produced Water news and technical articles from Oil & Gas Journal. Search Produced Water latest and archived news and articles

  1. Special Report: Reverse osmosis treatment of CBM produced water continues to evolve

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 5 Oct 2009

    reverse osmosis process for treating produced water from Powder River basin coalbed ..... has proven effective for meeting produced water treatment objectives. Each year ..... generate about 15-20 billion bbl of produced water . By comparison, the Wyoming

  2. The ROSS™ System – Ceramic Membrane Produced Water Treatment


    Fri, 6 Apr 2012

    Produced Water Treatment Ceramic Membrane-based System ..... solution for the treatment of oilfield produced water . Based on CeraMem® ceramic membrane ..... facilities typically recycle over 90% of produced water to generate steam for production. The

  1. DOE-funded research finds way to differentiate groundwater, CBM-produced water

    Online Articles

    Fri, 10 Apr 2009

    to distinguish groundwater from produced water associated with coalbed methane ..... environmental issues associated with CBM- produced water . The research resulted in a patent ..... mingling of groundwater and CBM- produced water has placed environmental limits

  2. New filtration process cuts contaminants from offshore produced water

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 2 Nov 1998

    ft x 8 ft skid quick-change, produced - water polishing units take up a relatively ..... content in offshore-discharged produced water . The first part of the process ..... oil and grease droplets from the produced water , and thereby protects the resin


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 25 Nov 1991

    treatment chemicals added to the produced water tank through a homogenizing centrifugal ..... very effective for de-oiling produced water . Synergistic effects between ..... heavy oil operators is de-oiling produced water prior to reinjection into disposal

  4. TECHNOLOGY Biotreating produced water could save costs, benefit environment

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 6 May 1996

    environmental benefits from a new produced water biotreatment facility, 40 miles ..... 16. Eventually, all NPR-3 produced water , now about 45,000 bw/d ..... project. The first phase removes produced water contaminants, primarily minute

  5. TECHNOLOGY Organoclay cost effectively removes oil from produced water

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 14 Apr 1997

    Mich. The trailer for on site produced water treatment includes bag filters ..... method can economically treat produced water that is reinjected into formations ..... hazardous. Operators reinject produced water into formations either for water

  6. NEWS DOE backs produced water cleaning process

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 22 Jan 1996

    Energy is encouraging wide use of a produced water cleaning process tested in a Kansas ..... University of Kansas. Impurities in produced water reinjected into the reservoir ..... screened technologies for improving produced water quality. The project found the

  7. New meter for produced water and crude oil in water

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 18 Aug 2003

    500 hand held, bench top oil in water meter for crude oil. The new ultraviolet fluorescence meter measures oil in produced water , desalter tail water, crude storage tank water, and in any other application where crude oil may be in contact

  8. Produced -water VOC, HAP emissions concern Rocky Mountain regulators

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 6 Jul 2009

    number of private and commercial produced - water surface disposal facilities ..... difficult for owners and operators of produced - water disposal facilities using evaporation ..... environmentalists, and owners of produced - water facilities over the continued

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