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Pipeline Maintenance

Pipeline Maintenance news and technical articles from Oil & Gas Journal. Search Pipeline Maintenance latest and archived news and articles

  1. Pipeliners, wave the flag!

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 24 Jan 2011

    practices maintenance in general costs money. But even in purely fiscal terms, the upfront costs of proper pipeline maintenance likely pale in comparison with the costs imposed not just by the repairs, settlements, and legal proceedings

  2. Study of X-100 line pipe costs points to potential savings

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 15 Mar 1999

    9) Real discount rate (4%, 7%, and 10%) Pipeline maintenance (0.5% and 1% of pipeline and coating material ..... investigations indicate that modest variations in pipeline maintenance , construction material factor, or increased fuel

  3. NTSB finds fusion weld variances in pipe from San Bruno blast

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 20 Dec 2010

    include pipeline control and operations, regulation and oversight, human performance, survival factors, and pipeline maintenance and records," it indicated. PG&E said in a response that while NTSB's update noted a discrepancy in the

  4. Services/Suppliers

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 30 Sep 2002

    contaminated waste fluid treatment resulting from acid stimulation/workover activities, and completions and pipeline maintenance projects. TAK Petroleum Inc. Fort Worth, Tex., has elected David Whitney as its president. A graduate of

  5. Services/Suppliers

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 8 Jul 2002

    president and long-time supporter of innovative pipeline maintenance solutions, A.B. Steen, was honored at the ..... Technology Center is the first of its kind in the pipeline maintenance industry, and addresses the industry's focus

  6. Economic uncertainty trims plans for pipeline construction

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 8 Feb 1999

    build a 94-mile, 36-in. Iowa pipeline from Harper to Davenport. Not to be left in the dust, TransCanada let pipeline maintenance , looping, and compressor-station construction contracts worth a combined total of $430 million (Canadian

  7. Services/Suppliers

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 17 Apr 2006

    experience in sales-marketing and general management. T.D. Williamson Inc. is a leading global provider of pipeline maintenance equipment and services, and delivers safe integrity solutions for onshore and offshore oil and gas industry applications

  8. Storage seen as key to managing US gas supply, demand

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 20 Dec 2004

    delays triggered by hurricanes and other factors, a port strike in Trinidad and Tobago, a fire in Trinidad, and pipeline maintenance issues, Miller said. "This level of fluctuation is very different from the scheduled flow of supply that we

  9. Companies viewing Pemex data concerning Burgos basin MSCs

    Online Articles

    Tue, 18 Mar 2003

    Block 8 Fronterizo - 3 parcels - 231 sq km. Each block has a list of desired services such as well operations, pipeline maintenance , exploration goals, and development goals. Foreign companies will be working only in areas where Pemex reserves

  10. Exxon to lease 2 SPR pipelines

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 8 Feb 1999

    inventory. And because Exxon will assume operation of the lines, DOE will save more than $300,000/year in pipeline maintenance fees. The pipelines will give Exxon capacity to connect other new and existing pipelines to bring production from

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