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  1. BP seeks DOT nod to resume Prudhoe Bay production

    Online Articles

    Fri, 15 Sep 2006

    Transportation requesting authorization to resume production in the Eastern Operating Area (EOA) of Prudhoe Bay for the purposes of pigging . "Although this is an encouraging development, it is the first step of many," BP said. 'Work continues on a number of


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 8 Nov 1993

    In-line inspection of a subsea crude-oil pipeline not designed for pigging took place last summer in Singapore. In July, a 48-in., 5.2-km pipeline used to unload crude oil from tankers at Shell


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 12 Jun 1995

    according to the Chinese calendar, is the Year of the Pig. This was a good omen for the sender, a company involved in pipeline pigging . Pigs have featured heavily this year for British Gas plc. A live pig and press accusations of piggish behavior enlivened

  4. Troll, Haltenpipe showcase offshore pipelay advances

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 29 Jul 1996

    current offshore pipeline installation technology for pipe size (up to 40 in.), water depth (to 540 m), distance between pigging stations (up to 800 km), and complex seabed intervention and landfall construction. Furthermore, the number of deepwater

  5. Simulation reveals conditions for onshore arctic gas-condensate pipeline

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 17 Nov 2003

    transient conditions as rate changes, pigging , and shut-in and restart and used the ..... addition, for both rate-change and pigging simulations, either large slug-catcher ..... conditions for the slug catchers than pigging , if separator drain rates were limited

  6. PIPELINE INSPECTION-1: Uncertainty-based assessment substitutes for internal inspection

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 5 Nov 2007

    assessing the effect on pipeline end-life of enhanced pigging operations, reduced chemical injection, or the introduction ..... e.g., chemical treatment vs. replacement, pigging vs. not pigging ) and more easily identify their cost benefits. Without

  7. Methods help remove black powder from gas pipelines

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 12 Mar 2007

    natural gas in March 1999. DEPA performed a pigging operation on the first 12 km of the Greek pipeline from ..... Bulgarian territory and performed a series of pigging operations on both sides of the border ..... distribution, taking samples from debris of pigging operations or from filters’ deposits. The

  8. SPECIAL REPORT: Advanced isolation technology allows subsea valve replacement without purge

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 2 May 2011

    nitrogen purge of the line, involving pigging from the offshore gas platform to the ..... need to be purged of air via nitrogen pigging from the offshore gas platform before hydrocarbons ..... control and communication system on the pigging module bidirectionally conveys control

  9. Innovations push Åsgard transport system to start up

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 8 Jan 2001

    and the Åsgard transport system and how pigging and inspection requirements are accommodated. Further information ..... argued, Statoil believes that intelligent pigging is of great importance for the safe operation ..... pressure drops below the cricondenbar, pigging might be required to remove all of the liquid

  10. CORROSION CONTROL—1: Unmitigated MIC prompts integrity management changes

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 1 Jun 2009

    slow flow rates and optimization of the pigging program. Microbial corrosion modeling can be ..... in-field pipelines, operational pigging , and water cut control. An intelligent ..... unmitigated microbial corrosion. An intelligent pigging program led to replacement of one infield

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