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Oil Reserve

Oil Reserve news and technical articles from Oil & Gas Journal. Search Oil Reserve latest and archived news and articles

  1. COMPANY NEWS Drop in Pemex's revised oil reserves figure 'significant'

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 23 Sep 2002

    gas reserves, the nation's hydrocarbon reserve base remains significant at 23.6 billion boe, yielding a proved crude oil reserve life of 15.6 years, as of July 2002." Fitch added that the revised figures would not affect the Mexican state oil firm

  2. Venezuela claims 23% increase in oil reserves

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 5 Apr 2010

    Venezuela said its proved oil reserves rose by 23% to 211.17 billion bbl due to the addition of ..... current technology. In addition to the 39.24 billion bbl of oil reserves , Venezuela added 3.7 tcf of natural gas to its reserves

  3. Brazil's oil reserves expected to rise by 400 million bbl

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 11 Oct 2004

    Brazil's oil reserves are expected to increase by more than 400 million bbl by yearend ..... company Petroleo Brasileiro SA (Petrobras), said, "Domestic crude oil reserves will increase from the present 12.6 billion bbl to 13 billion

  4. Venezuela launches Phase 2 of oil reserves project

    Online Articles

    Mon, 14 Aug 2006

    Phase 2 of the Orinoco Magna Reserva oil exploration project, which the government hopes will greatly increase Venezuela's oil reserves . Phase 2 involves drilling two oil wells in Campo Carabobo 1 in Anzoategui state to determine the extent of crude reserves


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 23 Mar 1992

    Brazil jumped its oil reserves to record levels in 1991. Petroleos Brasileiro SA reported an 8.1% rise in oil reserves to 3.03 billion bbl in 1991 from the previous year. Petrobras also listed an 8% rise in gas reserves to 123.8 billion

  6. Comment: Market gives OPEC opportunity to improve oil reserves data

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 27 Jun 2005

    Exporting Countries to reevaluate their oil reserves and publish more accurate data than ..... exaggerate reserves. Analysis of OPEC oil reserves -more than two thirds of the world ..... countries have the right to keep their oil reserves figures confidential, they must realize

  7. Ugandan oil reserves reach 2 billion bbl

    Online Articles

    Fri, 12 Jun 2009

    rigorous exploration activity, her country’s confirmed oil reserves reached 2 billion bbl in June—the end of the 2008-09 fiscal ..... September, was based on the discovery of 300 million bbl of oil reserves , along with a small amount of natural gas. Since then

  8. A veteran revisits Iraq’s oil resource and lists implications of the magnitude

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 6 Jun 2011

    Associates London Iraq’s oil reserves , revised to 143.5 ..... estimated the total ultimate oil reserves housed in these 73 anomalies ..... ratios, the potential oil reserve was estimated to be ..... 3, future potential oil reserves are estimated to be

  9. Iraq hikes oil reserves estimate to 143 billion bbl

    Online Articles

    Mon, 4 Oct 2010

    Iraqi government has raised its estimate of the country’s oil reserves to 143 billion bbl from 115 billion bbl. Citing work by ..... replaces Iran as the third-ranking country in reported oil reserves . At the beginning of this year, Iran had reserves of 137

  10. Venezuela says oil reserves now at 142.31 billion bbl

    Online Articles

    Thu, 18 Sep 2008

    LOS ANGELES, Sept. 18 -- Venezuela's ministry of energy and petroleum has added 7.43 billion bbl to the country's oil reserves , raising them to 142.31 billion bbl. The ministry said the new proved reserves are in the Junin, Junin Block 1, Campos

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