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Oil Recovery

Oil Recovery news and technical articles from Oil & Gas Journal. Search Oil Recovery latest and archived news and articles

  1. MEOR APPLICATIONS—1:Microbes enhance oil recovery through various mechanisms

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 17 Aug 2009

    Microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) methods rely on microorganisms ..... employ tertiary recovery or enhanced oil recovery methods to produce residual oil ..... 4 mN/m to have any effect on oil recovery . Table 1 lists such biosurfactants

  2. Thermal heavy-oil recovery projects succeed in Egypt, Syria

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 22 Dec 2008

    To increase oil recovery from existing fields, operators in ..... producing heavy oil with thermal enhanced oil recovery processes. In Egypt’s Issaran oil ..... and 23 wells in Tishrine. Enhanced oil recovery Operators are focusing on redeveloping

  1. QC updates carbon dioxide projects in OGJ's enhanced oil recovery survey

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 2 Jul 2012

    survey of carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery activity, including providing ..... years of experience with enhanced oil recovery and unconventional gas. He was ..... Lecturer on integrating enhanced oil recovery and carbon dioxide sequestration

  2. SPECIAL REPORT: PDO initiates various enhanced oil recovery approaches

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 5 Nov 2007

    to diverse methods for enhancing oil recovery from its fields that contain many ..... Hill estimates a 10% ultimate oil recovery without miscible sour-gas injection ..... PDO estimates only a 4% ultimate oil recovery from the field. But with its thermally

  3. Special Report: EOR/Heavy Oil Survey: CO 2 miscible, steam dominate enhanced oil recovery processes

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 19 Apr 2010

    injection technologies to enhance oil recovery . Tables showing the projects surveyed ..... s exclusive biennial enhanced oil recovery (EOR) survey, p. 41, account ..... methane, into a reservoir to enhance oil recovery . Operators use the injectants

  4. OTC: Aramco pursues 70% oil recovery rate

    Online Articles

    Tue, 5 May 2009

    Saudi Aramco wants to improve its oil recovery rate to 70% from 50% over the next 20 years by focusing on enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques and other new ..... d, has a water cut of 35%. Oil recovery from the field is expected to increase

  5. Shell’s interest in enhanced oil recovery grows

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 20 Nov 2006

    Royal Dutch Shell PLC sees enhanced oil recovery (EOR) contributing more to the ..... Shell Canada Ltd. operates thermal oil recovery projects in the Peace River area ..... Barry said the field’s oil recovery factor should increase to 20

  6. TECHNOLOGY Economics, new technology improve Danish offshore oil recovery

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 10 Jun 1996

    almost tripled the expected ultimate oil recovery from Danish offshore fields. All ..... geology and rock properties Improved oil recovery methods in chalk Simultaneous oil ..... understood. An improved knowledge of oil recovery mechanisms has resulted in changing

  7. Shell's interest in enhanced oil recovery grows

    Online Articles

    Thu, 28 Sep 2006

    Royal Dutch Shell PLC sees enhanced oil recovery (EOR) contributing more to the ..... Shell Canada Ltd. operates thermal oil recovery projects in the Peace River area ..... polymer and surfactant to enhance oil recovery in Marmul field. Barry said a

  8. Tulsa conference discusses advances in improving oil recovery

    Online Articles

    Tue, 16 Apr 2002

    Production Editor TULSA, Apr. 16 -- Oil recovery factors for many of the world ..... Energy 13th Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery this week in Tulsa. Water, steam ..... alternating-gas (SWAG) improved oil recovery in Siri field off Denmark, the

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