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  1. Yuhuang Chemical to invest $1.85 billion in Louisiana methanol project

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    Fri, 18 Jul 2014

    1.85 billion in a world-scale methanol manufacturing complex on the Mississippi ..... Yuhuang Chemical intends to build two methanol plants with a combined capacity of 3 million tonnes/year and a methanol derivatives plant to produce intermediate

  2. US methanol producers face higher feedstock costs, lower MTBE demand

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    Thu, 18 Oct 2001

    Gas Journal HOUSTON, Oct. 19 -- The methanol industry is facing higher feedstock prices ..... annual DeWitt Global MTBE-Oxygenates Methanol Conference was told Wednesday. Marybeth ..... senior market analyst, said, "The US methanol market has been facing the probable decline


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 29 Mar 1993

    With the expected increase in worldwide methanol demand, particularly for methyl tertiary ..... ways to increase capacity. PLANT DESIGN Methanol production is the most profitable means of adding value to natural gas. Potential methanol projects exist wherever there are large

  2. World methanol market to soften in 1998

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    Mon, 12 Aug 1996

    World outlook for methanol [52307 bytes] Contrary to many earlier predictions, the world methanol market is not necessarily headed for a serious ..... when considering and calculating only those methanol plants that are currently under construction


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 7 Sep 1992

    demonstrate advanced technology for producing methanol from coal-derived synthesis gas on ..... participants and from the sale of produced methanol . The project was switched from an originally ..... from Southern California Edison Co. The methanol production technology will be integrated


    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 21 Jun 1993

    Tecnon (UK) Ltd. predicts world methanol supplies will meet demand through 2001 ..... of a Tecnon study show that by 2001, methanol demand for methyl tertiary butyl ether ..... is currently the largest consumer of methanol , followed by manufacture of chemicals

  5. PETCOKE & METHANOL —2 (Conclusion): How blending petcoke methanol into gasoline might work

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 4 Jul 2011

    economics of producing 50,000 b/d of methanol for gasoline blending from petroleum ..... and examines some aspects of using methanol -gasoline blends for motor fuel. Corn ..... presents some of the issues in using methanol blended with gasoline to fuel cars and

  6. Rentech to acquire Colorado methanol plant

    Magazine Articles

    Mon, 17 Jan 2000

    Creek Chemical's 25 million gal/year methanol plant at Commerce City, Colo. Rentech ..... Conoco Inc. The purchase includes the methanol plant, all supporting infrastructure ..... 1992. It was shut down recently due to methanol oversupply, says Rentech. SCE is developing

  7. Statoil launches cogeneration, methanol expansion projects

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    Tue, 13 Jul 2004

    along with an associated increase in methanol capacity. The group's overall investment ..... The Tjeldbergodden project will expand methanol output by 35%. Annual production ..... about 5.5 billion kroner, with the methanol plant expansion accounting for 1.3

  8. Methanex arranges gas supply for methanol plant in Australia

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    Thu, 1 Nov 2001

    Vancouver, said Thursday it has arranged for gas to supply a methanol plant to be built on the Burrup Peninsula in the Pilbara Region ..... the project, to build what it called the world's largest methanol plant with a capacity of about 2 million tonnes/year to supply

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