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The Oil & Gas Journal Site License Introduction

Thu, 5 Jun 2014|

The Oil & Gas Journal provides location based subscriptions on a large scale for your company or educational institution. Watch the video to learn more.



[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Courtney Noonkester here to tell you about the OGJ site license program. Staying competitive in today's economic environment means having access to the best tools and information. For more than a century, the Oil & Gas Journal has been the world's most widely read petroleum industry publication. And a trusted source for the latest information. Building on that incomparable industry expertise, the OGJ site license program provides electronic access to timely, actionable data and tools to help your company gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Members of the site license program have access to digital and print copies of the Oil and Gas Journal. As well as online access to a searchable archive dating back to 1990. They can review OGJ Industry surveys, and web only content, and have access to digital map feeds from MapSearch Envision. Members also receive discounts for more than 75 PennWell books covering topics across the petroleum industry, maps of pipeline systems and energy infrastructure, atlases and data. But that's not all. Site license numbers also have the option to upgrade to the Gold Plus package which includes OGJ and Offshore surveys. Statistical packages and tables, and conference proceedings. Gold Plus members also receive discounts on custom data packages. That means you'll not only have access to more than 100 years of information and experience from the oil and gas journal. You'll be able to order customized information from industry research experts. More than 81,000 subscribers are currently enjoying access to the OGJ Site License program. Are you ready to get competitive? Give us a call today and let us get you the tools you need.

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