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TOTAL Recruitment Process

Fri, 17 Jan 2014|

TOTAL Recruitment Process


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When I was suffering on the looks at them like Greenwich fire on them to come across that the type compass who's who page. I followed the link to -- is that site. And I found hundreds of Java phones including several in my -- I applied then the targets in touch. I'm a fourth the -- -- for some -- hustle and Foreman Nixon their recruitment agency then every -- from the -- next where they couldn't. The hiring process took time but they turned us -- right to -- had not just them but referred -- but for the long term. I was -- and lots of questions about my previous experiences my aspirations. My insurance. I had no idea if -- -- actually going to -- mean the end but they seemed really interested and open. Once I turned it seemed that they gave -- in my office projects a slipped under the -- him enough. To -- inside. Where there were many activities and contentious what was that both of his open -- -- within my brunch and India others. And so it's being -- since -- first on these huge company and frankly. I feel great yeah. And the -- since. -- --

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