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TOTAL Gender Equality

Fri, 17 Jan 2014|

TOTAL Gender Equality


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I do -- Tyrod -- the university. And I had a good first impression because in the job -- for the already met with -- That they were an equal opportunity employer. He's backed her I was recruited from the same salary as other male colleagues to join the cinnamon apple. A few years later IA apply for a miniature positioning used and and I was competing against -- but I -- one who got the job. Did in my abilities were more important than gender or age. Or good at my job. And my center evil to not only once again I really think that -- should be no. That hasn't spoken to friends to the works not a company's. No -- gender discrimination. Still remains widespread acts. In every -- to gender economy to total is heading in the right direction. Because to me keep a close eye on things and they have a real commitment. Of course there are still individual case says and people that have from switched gender quality that the foundations are there. Later on -- return to Brussels to return to leave for -- -- -- my -- -- I was worried that -- -- -- -- But to -- support me. I even got to seems had a race as a pretty vicious. And when I went back to work I had -- same opportunities for my training. A man be lucky. But I'm proud to work for a company that. And lastly to build a career when -- section sign my family life. The group -- respects the balanced machine my personal and my professional life. I'm still evil things. -- -- --

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