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TOTAL Gender Equality

Fri, 17 Jan 2014|

TOTAL Gender Equality



[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] I joined total right after university, and I had a good first impression because in the job offer they already made it clear. That they were an equal opportunity employer. Even better, I was recruited on the same salary as other male colleagues. To join at the same level. A few years later, I applied for a manager position in Houston, and I was competing against men, but I was the one who got the job. Clearly my abilities were more important than gender or age. I was good in my job, and my salary evolved accordingly. Once again, I really think that this should be normal. But, having spoken to friends that works in other companies, I know that gender discrimination still remains widespread. In regards to gender equality, Total is heading in the right direction. Because they keep a close ey on things. And they have a real committment. O' course there are still individual cases and people who have problems with gender equality, but the foundations are there. Later on, I returned to Brussels, and I took maternity leave for the birth of my son Charlie. I was worried that my career would stall, but Total supported me. I even got the same salary raise as the previous years. And when I went back to work I had the same opportunities for my training. I may have been lucky. But I am proud to work for a company that allows me to build a career without sacrificing my family life. A group that the balance between my personal and my professional life. And I'm still evolving. [MUSIC] So why not you?

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