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Fri, 17 Jan 2014|

TOTAL Training


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Fifteen years ago. I left a small company I was working with to -- total. I had a pretty good idea why the group disinterested. For my technical abilities and information systems. But what I didn't understand was total had a long term view of my career. The emphasis on their training is proof of that -- there -- over 500 different professional disciplines. The offer is huge. With technical training management. Personal development and he -- -- cultural programs. For my general growth and development within the company. I had access over the years to several different training programs dealing with my specific field which is IT. But also. I have access to the total management program. Which is a program that's one follow throughout one's career. And I can say has helped me over the years. Greatly understand the subtleties of the HR within the group. And better pass along this information to my teams. As that progressed in the company I also took courses that helped me to better understand the HSE aspect. The the legal responsibilities. The impact on the environment the impact on different populations. And the organization. I even had training in public speaking. So I could get over the the stress of -- speaking in front of large gatherings. All these training programs. They really help me to advance. To grow and autonomy and and responsibilities and and certainly in my perspectives. If one is honest with themselves you can move around -- great -- -- I took that chance and I don't. -- --

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