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Fri, 17 Jan 2014|

TOTAL Mentoring



[MUSIC] The mentoring principle at Total is a very simple idea. Is using our own experience to help others. This idea is very useful for me but this time concerning international mobility. When i arrived in Paris I was a bit lost as the cultural differences are huge. Very different from Vietnam. So Total put me in touch with Caroline, a local executive. She had more experience than me. And could help me along. The contact went really well. She helped me to understand the professional practices, the runnings of the local branch here. And she also helped me to build up a very good network. And the most important, I see, for me, is to know where to find what I needed. Mentoring must also help you to build your own self confidence. At total, as long as you show your ability, your motivation, your enthusiasm, there is nothing to hold you back. Throughout the world, lots of women really underestimate themselves. They won´t really try to apply for high positions. And I would like to have them go for that. Well, for me, mentoring is a good way to promote diversity. It is effectively about learning to work together, by exchanging, by sharing out knowledge. The aim in the long term is to get on with things oneself. [MUSIC] I have grown through this, why not you? [BLANK_AUDIO]

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