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TOTAL Video Chorale

Fri, 17 Jan 2014|

TOTAL Video Chorale



[MUSIC] For my final internship, after my studies, I also decided to apply for Total. I learned everything that comes with a first job. Total had not just employed me for a job, but for the long term, To be honest, I have never imagined that one day I would work in that field. What convinced me,. were the constant challenges and reactivity. [FOREIGN] I had access to the "Total Management program" which is a program that one follows throughout one's career. [FOREIGN] When I arrive in Paris, I was a lost as the cultural differences are huge. [FOREIGN] At Total, as long as you show your abilities, your motivation, your enthusiasm, there is nothing to hold you back. [FOREIGN] Clearly my abilities were more important than gender or age. As the months went by, I knew that Total was the company for me. If one is honest. To themselves. You can move around a great deal at Total. I was up for accepting challenge. Total, they supported me. The contact went really well. [FOREIGN] Frankly, I feel great here. [MUSIC] I took a chance. Why not you. So why not you. [FOREIGN] Why not you? Why not you? I have ripped through these why not you? Why not you? Why not you? And why not you? [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

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