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TOTAL First Experience

Fri, 17 Jan 2014|

TOTAL First Experience


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After finishing my losses and human resources I decided I'd like to -- approach from -- but always change of discovering Africa or South America. -- IRA as a your opinion could apply for a VI. And both companies that up for this -- who was definitely the most attractive -- not stop saying it -- -- putt on the Chris web sites. For my final internship after my studies IOC decided took like total in no time at all. I had the phone call from my future box had an interview and the following week I was not reaching into the the -- author -- But for me to go for tea is tea -- in congress but I got that -- everything that comes with a fast job. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Left -- from the very first day I felt at home in my service. Stand. I don't -- like a link in the chain. But. I wasn't -- -- just as an observer I really had responsibilities. I was involved in the operations. As the months went by I knew that ties with the company for me. Before my time without our day started having that they'll let -- the current web sites. I have other opportunities. And it was great because in enabled me to meet. A lot of people at -- so. And this -- out because and stepping up at a job as an -- -- -- processed. Well total Hutton promised to keep me after -- -- -- frankly whatever happened I knew I had made of actually I've started to -- good network. And I knew this would be great experience. And reference -- my city. It's a good chance. 100.

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