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Fri, 1 Jun 2012|

The Perdido regional development spar has arrived in the ultra deepwaters of the Gulf of Mexico and is currently being secured to the seafloor in 8,000 ft (2,438 m) of water, according to Shell.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The pretty -- far was told 160 nautical miles in just under two days to its final -- so. An area called el -- those canyon block 857. In the Gulf of Mexico. The big -- 550. Feet long and 118. Feet in diameter. Arrived floating on its side. The task was to -- and it rotating it from a horizontal. To a vertical floating position. It took dozens of people from -- on those deep water construction vessel boulder working nonstop for nearly 24 hours. Once in place tugboats pulled rip out plugs from as far as bottom tax. Sea water rushed in and after two hours had -- -- effects enough to submerge. Tipping the giant structure about fifteen degree. Water was pumped into the tanks through -- from the boulder over the next 240. Filling the tanks until million tires far floated up right in the water. Next wielding polyester and -- more in line strong enough to hold form against hurricanes as powerful as Katrina. Workers secured the floating giant to previously installed anchor piles in the sea floor nearly 8000 feet below. It will take a month defense and all nine -- -- lines. During that month the -- -- team man meteorologists will continually monitor the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico for tropical storms and hurricanes. And worked steadily to secure this far before another hurricane passes through the southern gulf. As far as our weather window this time of the year were approaching that peak -- hurricane season. So there's -- a tremendous amount of weather forecasting services that we use for the project. We're broken up the the -- out the installation off Sorenson number of phases we look at each -- for particular weather window. The the window that we needed today to get -- -- was a four day weather window which is clear of no tropical disturbances come and within -- -- -- -- area. And then we have other steps offshore that we look at. Whether when those trees particular activity that were handed to do. To get storm sites once we depart here. To getting our first 3 morning lines connected off shore as roughly attend -- ten days two weeks. Back -- single side on the Texas coast. Workers are finishing the top sides production module for sitting atop the spark in early 2000. The top sides will turn the records far into a small manufacture ring tone in the remote southern reaches of the gulf. A self contained facility within its own power generation. The top sides contain the production equipment. Drilling rig helicopter landing pad and living quarters for a crew of up to 150. This floating town is designed to be capable of delivering 130000. Barrels of oil equivalent per day. From some of the deepest depths ever attempted in the Gulf of Mexico. At -- production pretty though is expected to produce enough oil each day to fill all 132000. Cars with gasoline. Cheryl and pretty -- co owners BP and Chevron expect first production around the turn of the decade.

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