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New Frontier Interview

Wed, 17 Dec 2008|



Well this is -- Adams with oil and gas financial journal. I'm on site the second annual Houston energy financial forum. And joining me today is less -- CFO. A new frontier energy. Let's thank you for being with us today -- pleasure now LSU are presented here today what it what message are trying to get custody analysts and investors. I would like to. Show littlest and investors. One of the -- Maricopa news. As it relates to the marketplace. Our company of course is management -- is always undervalued. Right. I in this current economy and a lot of people are changing things that doing things little bit differently is your company operating any differently in light of the current economy. Our company whose -- Look to alternative sources of financing for a -- our company news. Going through the equity market for financing for projects we've raised -- live over the last four years. And currently we or. Rethinking our focus soul week. Further develop the property. At the least. Dilution to our existing shareholders. Okay. And along those lines not many people are announcing. Increases in capex budgets for 09 where do you stand on. News assuming that we can arrange our financing -- will be increased we. Just develop what I would consider the major discovery. In the acreage we acquired last year. Basically. If his there. Will as soon as we're taking care of it for a CC purposes. -- -- Billion cubic feet of reserve -- existing. Base -- tons. Approximately doubling our existing reserve base there will increase circulation flows significantly. Fantastic. So what do you see as the future both short term and long term. For the -- RC. Short term. Deeper the press that your just prices. Compared to previous years within two years I expect -- be back. -- -- -- Crises of the we ruled in developing the play and -- to the shareholder base. There -- positioning ourselves to. Profit and our shareholders to prof -- wants. The recession -- it is a little -- Right well best of luck to you thank thank you less than average appreciate your time you who by.

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