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OGFJ_BPZ Energy Interview

Wed, 17 Feb 2010|



I don't this is -- Adams with oil and gas financial journal on site at the second annual Houston. Energy financial forum. And with me today is Manolo Zuniga president and CEO of BP easy energy. And -- thank you for being with us today. Now Big -- is actually in a unique position and that the IFC is behind the company as both a shareholder and a provider of -- What can investors take from this. In terms of upcoming financings with Natixis. When it because I've seen that it in a few years back when we started working with values he. I -- investors. Seeing they would do sometimes you wonder why we were taken so long within the -- he. And I used to tell him I was he thinking -- it back inspector. These are not yet that's what you -- I've seen next to you we have built that relationship it. You know and that's for us -- -- Under the deal with that he sees if there's going to be a -- perfectly on right now. So the premise that we equity values that's also -- -- -- -- -- match the ones that he's. Okay. And with companies being. Undervalued and in terms of their shares compared to this time last year what do you see in the -- space upcoming. What I got -- that would be simplicity. From our point of -- we have so many prospects that we have already mapped. Definitely we need to tackle those first people we think about it in many. It's always -- to -- And very few companies have projected reserve growth. Coming up what do you see as a catalyst for reserve growth ending 2008 and exiting 2009. -- worst. Think in the annual certification for the quarterly net. In the idea is to be -- increase not only. Volatile -- eleven -- according taught them serves on The Who program -- what categories. But also to be able to perish if some -- -- -- -- prove category so we that we that we looked very much forward to use it became. Next -- for us is gonna be I'm very important year. We not only -- a pretty important I don't left Wales that we -- let in try to pull out some of probable or you'll. I was gonna go to two other prospects want offshore about a quarter a -- Worried that first -- its its respect in a quote go to the priest who served tremendously. And they -- want home -- company that unit development he. At target people calling it target that target you know hacking people won't name. Two principals are. And along those lines what is the future of BP C short term and monitor what short term you know we put them continuing -- -- but action. Asheville and -- nowadays. He secured financings what can I use it very closely. We haven't got -- power project strategy when -- these guys that we have you already answered his right field. -- -- target in each one or cross -- mentioned before. Yet if they weren't going -- -- ones that where it is it's very clear that according to a new models. We should -- who what is or. -- Long term I think that we need to be keen to expand it Prodi nobody knew -- -- who. That outside to -- quite diversified country's investment. Well best of luck to you thank you for being with us thank you for being out financial or present -- but they do so much.

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