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Wed, 3 Dec 2008|



Good morning. -- -- good to be back these corporate and I participated last year. We hear -- quit -- one year. In -- -- I would like to welcome the people -- and -- -- -- was -- they can two decent school. Progress. The music and is that always be forward looking statements which we can just keep you can read -- And -- the people that don't know the comp UB BC has been working you know was who -- -- -- well. And we have four blocks you know was paid to he and I would like to -- -- -- that -- -- issues wide use that word -- the basics. He went ability that these he'd asked us we mentioned here in the music aborted. More than one and happy to broad support -- go to -- near where production scene going on. The other ones that we -- it will to to it in these multiple place. And -- you want to map of multiple prospects of each one of those plays that we meet and here we -- fifty prospects. What it -- -- to the company's very simple. -- an -- -- within that we yet race we have praise what was that -- -- -- bringing new technology utility models. And as such it would really -- bases it out to -- that actually do with it or -- -- or -- Or at least that's good show to see is what month and that. And that's what we've been doing and our network first field could be no true feelings -- -- blow. We've been very successful. As we've been he's pretty exciting whales -- at it very good quantities of oil gas melodies that he released on production and encrypt it. -- When is that number four we show the an overview of -- one blow. We always called easy one book I would -- -- -- -- very important because we have multiple prospects. Five of those sixteen prospects have already been -- -- -- orderly and there's oil and gas. We -- -- being the first one he -- US a very nice he's. Feel. That is the good ones don't get these at this -- -- -- sixty -- cute you know yet. We -- that. It was much bigger. Should be able to set and -- asked -- -- these is how we move to the ability companhia that would cost. With experts will be 21 makes the that we we -- we not only picked it gasses expect it. But we'll put this equipment you know -- At that moment we -- skiers. We'd be tied to fuel production because for a last actual -- key. -- nowadays that -- actually he used to be -- -- -- -- that we've that beavers will be with these to re appraise. And when he left. In the field and see how about it -- each appeal was. What's interesting to note that indeed HOV in human relations that we need we thought that we could have maybe sixty -- please. You know between and that will keep -- -- -- little production and -- that's what actually that was important -- And we another two whales eight Phoenix the the last one between EXP that we can we see it and it is or. That was no production. I would getting -- to -- putt and you -- Urbina. Which would last who's going to prove family -- -- -- goes -- the problem category. Or bring additional product which of course on cash. So what we -- for a great. These Nixon's flag number of five -- -- and medical won't be. The Q for a on the vehemently from left to make sure that these signs as we've showed you of these -- -- -- we're pointed. -- a decrease in York -- they used to map the map these horns honked. And that's why that person will he -- Phoenix will that was indeed it here in the eighties at this gas -- -- -- the water but what it was oil fields. And because he -- -- map and so on Sunday it -- militants that he could have only Quayle's. We -- we we -- -- we -- we realize that it could be it with -- of evil and that's exactly what happened with that as well. That we showing his his humanity here in being -- it cable. The only place yes have you -- Netherlands who owns it and forties for the media. We believe and we have made simply market that would -- that's will only increase by twenty person so we should be the order of density and fight. New polling place so much where -- an estimate of sixty million. And we turn anything that eventually could be much more than once and we would go. That's always -- placed it between -- These in it's officials believe we -- certification under -- -- that we need in February -- this year. The the is the the of course he PV ten values the market right now because the oil -- that was very much different. But the -- that was so important. -- I mentioned before you know we're very confident. On -- two. And if -- EP is based on the idea that giving that sense I'd -- that we may happen at her opening. We'd -- -- we -- -- achieve much partly reflect those assets we could be approaching the 860 medium VP or your. -- -- Based on the that's what we believe that organ -- would go up by 20%. And did for -- -- -- -- -- -- up -- So we could be talking about a field now with the blessing -- you know what deserves respect -- these numbers it before the end of the year -- -- -- -- -- -- in the review. The and and -- forward to having good numbers. On the it on the PP pin numbers and -- I've -- important for estimation. Is in fact. That on the -- we show he put in order -- for -- price between do you feel that the public that. These are that that would gonna building -- base and -- by the company. And we believe that -- yes -- said that the power into the market. We should be able to get back about six go to -- Bruins US UV and convert these really diesel powered him to MCA. So basically very similar to what we have here now these in the UA's. Big -- complex you know for -- these very important to show. You know most of the even you probably ought to ease up -- from what -- that you right now the knicks will -- can be as we showed here. You know we're going to be prone area so that -- will -- allow -- to prove up the in very good morning and so -- -- And they would compete you'll be putting and there it got from and eventually we meet in an effort not to allow us fools people viewing. Next week we have been conducting field that -- -- -- -- -- -- one of the -- is -- And the middle prospect you know which -- in any whales but that's -- -- you would probably UT's. They'll feed is very interesting for us because it except it is him Ponce about what he was gonna be repeating simply that we have -- quality. There's aware that there's -- That we can apple happy because now we map these fans going at the state police company don't tax. The field changes to these sites and we showed here in -- -- religion. We've -- have presented -- -- in place so that he could be maybe twice as large as what -- -- interest deep in the next couple years -- into go to do the next we're gonna -- -- court and for a time about quote -- -- very important quality. We've -- it's that very carefully about -- we believe that these guys could be very large. We can't -- sent me these is that these types of what -- of about what it would be about three times the size of what he. As we get an idea now only places he said we did not defeated twice as much as being about what -- -- that's as much as you know. So you multiply 175. Feet by -- -- an ideal but we're talking about here. More importantly about what has the ordeal Wilson actually we -- -- work him over Unix. But also very important is the fact that the difference will that there's always guys that record that -- -- -- -- an abandoned because -- was movement usually. We're going to be -- -- -- -- -- quote we get queen and that way and we that it is the tires fiction. And these cities united in in just like David he's very clear you can see that on the -- -- on the geeks who will. That this tape putting some kind of rose a point and putting them if you -- that. He's would be his work done that -- people certainly station you know what who personally taken -- not open title. -- use easily kind of in the here in of these -- people patient would be quite quite large. So our -- -- that we did his -- by April you know we should be extradited back to July of next year and could have conceivable use holds. It is it being patient these social club but what we have and what he and we intend to put these -- -- almost need it. As such we nation 94 quarter we would be producing put that person will and we should have classic will be put in here. -- -- you know for -- he's also -- important. We we -- spoke about Portland now but outward we have the possibility. Of more attacks and for the first time -- these aerial view. You can see here the did not -- the growth of powering into. Our programs and -- an important role snagged thirteen shows these -- when hot and we'll see each network power that. Next excuse -- substation. So it should be relatively simple -- you do you think about it. You know -- oldies station orbit we -- lights. He needs of the city to replace but that -- week's gonna be monetized in about when even -- that's very important project. That would generate between fifty to sixty immediately news back to us and him. And ideas haven't let me to listen. -- for us he's he's he's having much more important. We got we believe very large vastly included in mind what exactly. That goes in the southern part of the and that he'll actually 58 million if -- -- and that's one piece vehicles the -- certified and serve. Or to -- and we there's -- -- the whales that would lead -- past sexual you know who indications of gas. These these these sites of these -- about sixty miles flown in most what he 600 square miles please be pretty. And look totally where else are we showing is that if he that would be in the past and that this when he these idiots what he's taken one for the because that will use the articulate man and the knee and -- -- the receive TV envelopes and and these ultimately. -- -- and incorporate these should be for look at. And we can quickly will he -- -- people these of these plea by April of next year of opening -- He -- -- as we showed is that sixteen. We kiwis we we show how these whales in the blog and he's gonna get it out to the 52 feet deep that it has -- yes. -- test it out instead of queen because we have grew at will what on that elections on -- -- Later on we will go to Brooklyn new but he if you look he's he's okay. You know an -- he's yet to show you that we always making sure that we manage when it's -- for completeness every very carefully. Fortunately for us -- -- -- corporate extremely flexible. And nowadays is very important that makes you wonder expiration. Now dvds like what you so well that -- -- guys that we have no we have we yes and in what you wish you. That would work we've made it. Find the book -- -- -- -- year and forward to the port it is announced these. Achievement. That is totally happy -- accomplished. And -- is very important for us Monday night memory key we -- to listeners of their patents. He's what we intend to do it -- X that's voted with the public that that would be things that you see. No we haven't got excellent have been five million dollars. They're important for us -- -- that we each -- in quarterly net. That would allow us who need proof about some would probably you'll 1980s. Rates about 6000 per day for -- here. We -- -- court and we got to us about what that first -- -- what comedian and that's his quote so that's important will. That we as we mentioned before we had to put -- -- production almost immediately. And they we have I think what we have is that that was what I mean we made -- -- would mean not and we -- exe that's important game. These wells are expected to produce good morning so we'll BC's -- it completely yet -- -- quantity -- -- prices so should be good passionately company. And they we got the nineteenth we got the -- next one will as a commitment we have to do that will and you take one. You know we've got to be so I gave it up and you know what mechanical -- -- -- in order. And gas in a place that's what -- -- true. Project or you'll -- put actual socialist fast as we can as you can see here -- -- out pretty easy we're gonna be recently served. But in recent production. And that's key to -- -- include -- and -- tackles under the current conditions. But -- of about the financial situation which is also very important. -- what -- is actually. That if there isn't hadn't Putnam goes up it's -- that our own national media to handle these but what completely more than that. You know we kept that that it needs to -- -- Maybe go back to what the net more widows -- -- things that we would like to do and these it would pregnancy can see. Our -- to partner with the International Finance Corp. part of the world back -- -- of the conflict. It happens to us that it would move forward to make sure that BP's -- property -- That's weakness Monday put these welcome people who is going to whip his side and read what -- -- about the relationship that is that -- -- What -- -- -- but only because of the absence of these -- and that is that we'd be peace and hopefully. Would beat me on with a -- -- communities and so. That access the different from other companies so we have -- -- for the -- the power project. It groceries he -- -- pregnancy last month you of the crisis. And now we're working with that -- -- too close -- -- -- punch of sixty -- I believe but we'll be asking you -- 200 million. That that I see he -- but it is crunch expected to be -- be put -- -- month. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I gain another extremely important blow from the conflict. We are increasing production when we can we serve. We will secure financing so we can have only to -- that we need. So that's very important. Yesterday to summarize them -- know -- that and to show the the and that -- -- that we that's exciting and that is -- We have ten people -- dedicated to looking at the competency. Understand the model it is time -- -- -- to accomplish here. You know assembling these it would be nation. He's happy that they -- -- in -- believe very strongly. Company that increased national and we've put action we've who served in have security -- pregnancy but that's easy. I mentioned before what can be improved to sort of -- and here he's like 21 and two point on what what what's he -- These he's happy -- some notes hadn't brought you where I am so proud of -- bootable from day one when we we were. What helping nowadays more than -- that the -- in -- -- day here's -- we have expanded these hits and -- it. And all that cross hill. You know we we're working very very dedicated we rules will be without it he. And other NGOs. Adhesive and and look at the people we're working with you know these are big organizations they work with cuts to -- -- believe there's only what -- -- Note these these -- and that makes a difference. So to someone writes in and -- -- very quickly you know to look and I'm not happy that we grow reserves and production report. What you know 12. To get the message we're gonna put that put on put -- ferries to and so that we there's these whales. We within cash flow and available financing -- you -- to -- and that -- that -- contract work current thinking he was this year. That would represent that quote aware praising god and keep you company you know prospect with -- the -- quarterly net. You know -- yes think about it from 11 quality that we've been working on. We're -- be managing -- -- -- projects that he got a -- obstruction. -- so we kept its liquidity. In the market. You know I need to be. We experienced management team we know what we're doing we know the area pretty well so we we are able to who moved yet according. Multiple prospects and within the -- pretty accurate and that's also very important that we or get or what to expect years. Quick Google and let them do what we. Basically we're -- between queens and is it you know what it's like yours to prove about product what you guys that -- And assets niche here we think you have record you know that's the pressure and scripture is 2009 and -- Thank you so much.

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