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MDP-A Installation May 2008 (Momentum)

Fri, 5 Dec 2008|



Today or over the Caspian -- Doing a project for astronauts -- got -- Turkmenistan limited. As you say in the background here we're going to be installing the MVP eight platform. Over the next several days. -- last year ago it Turkmenistan. -- utilized MM AG as their prime contractor for the designed and manufactured. Love the jacket. And momentum engineering was chosen as the offshore installation contractors. Were very proud -- chosen by such -- -- and -- cheek. For this prestigious project this the first jewel in the crown for the -- must prove to be currently installed in the Caspian Sea. They've got a very extensive investment to be made over the next one in thirty years in the country. And that we're very proud to be part of the first part of it. Over the next several days. We'll be installing the jacket and we'll be -- about 1500. Tons of steel here and I'll go in three basic parts a lower jackets section. The this section you see here will be installed on the sea floor. And will be connected permanently to sea floor by four piles and then that we will see meant to piles -- -- the files to the jacket. -- be -- over the next few days and we'll keep you. Informed of the bits and pieces as we go forward. And we thank you for being with us. Yeah the next -- rejection installation is now taking place over the last few days you've watched the piles been installed and you watch the ground and take place which is the -- many of the files to the check him. Over the next few hours we'll be installing their projected section which is behind this which is our second installation. -- after the files over to the files and the -- jacket. So once we complete this the only remaining -- will be the day which goes on talk. A. -- -- As you can say we're trying to conclusion there offshore installation. For the astronauts turned our Turkmenistan limited -- would like to thank but Hamas and especially the Turkmenistan government for their assistance in this installation. And frank MMA chief for their confidence in choosing momentum engineering for this installation. We have successfully complete of the installation. No accidents and we're very proud of that once again it's been -- difficult job. Over the last several weeks but I hope you enjoyed being with us. Thanks once again -- -- -- thanks for being with us.

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