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Alright sorry sorry apologize for. For the technical difficulty but I'll I'll actually go through this are going really quickly. A -- just walk you through as to who S and -- and what we do. We are the developer of solved quickly kingdom. If you are indeed -- Looking for oil exploration development production. Of oil and gas wells. It's likely that either they use kingdom. Or that part of it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The landmark -- of Halliburton. -- -- -- science business of Schlumberger over the paradigm. Geophysical business. That you may have heard about. So let's just looked a bit of history about about us we've been around a long time where -- -- so so. The company was started by. -- geo physicist -- that show -- Guy -- Tom Smith. He built this soft -- for a PC. It is his view was them about the -- -- -- A complicated. Expensive. Piece of software from our competitors that -- built one for himself. And -- start selling it. And in in the last ten or fifteen years the company has benefited from. The -- are indeed donors that Microsoft and Intel have put into a PC. And and we believe that product is actually now. As good if if not better than some of what computing products so the company's -- phenomenally we are now. Show you later on in in many many different countries lots of companies and and we do believe beyond the fastest growing -- -- -- space. The company was it it is private it was recapitalize last year by a couple of TCB and Jim mine. They don't do a lot of work not investments in the E&P sector but -- dues so most of their focuses in the technology. Technology space. And deployment and management team. Into the UC -- -- that's me and in 07 for a been there about fifteen months or so. So. Let me go giving him a bit more color on on the company. As a fed even around a long time we are now used in 2500. Different E&P companies. So you've just look at the number of companies for use kingdom it's actually quite large it tend to be smaller the tend to be independence. We are now -- 85. Or more countries around the word. And we -- -- by 85%. Of the largest -- They still use our competitors' products and in this -- standardized way but increasingly of the growth that's coming film larger companies. Is coming and kingdom for a variety of reasons not talk about that in a minute. As I said earlier we are going quite rapidly give doubled -- size in in about 44 years. We don't publish our financials obviously because -- a private company but that -- have -- just to give you the size of the company. If equity markets were normal which you know. We would be talking to are bankers today that the potential of taking it public. God decides to -- profit -- -- -- you -- -- -- And the business loan to be a Bible public company candidate. Sometime in the future. Our customers include -- -- senate mostly international authority mostly independent oil companies. But over the last several years you've added a number of international companies as well as in those cities and and as all of you know. Independence and and who -- dollar -- all the action is these days. And and and we just certainly benefiting from that. One of the things we do of the company's is spent a lot of time and money. On on technology we ought to technology company. We don't provide services we only sell software. 80% of -- what employees are actually are indeed. That's a huge number of number of them are Ph.D.s number of them came from both established. We have a number of computer scientists Ph.D.s from top institutions. So so we invest heavily and you've got it. Count on -- -- -- -- and in a reputation to to grow from a marketing sales point of view. Just to give you -- something of our customers. Global company -- -- just open -- we have offices now citizens support offices in London Singapore. Moscow Calgary -- And we'll continue to open offices. In the next year in in other geographies as as we grow our customer base and we have to be kind of local. Two to support it. But a -- 85 countries could only. You know handful -- offices to a -- that there is a tremendous interest in this product. And an award of mild selling that that happens with with it. There's a organization here in Houston called the wedding and company you used them would be to be service every two years nickel. And then hold. Hundreds of people around the world and and is the stated that in the middle of this year -- the -- round of these search and we've got some really interesting data from them what they told us in that we search. And again it's it's based on third party research that we -- now the number one markets here in windows interpretation softly. And that's important. Not the traditional soft it was random Unix -- expensive partnered complicated software. -- you know maybe a couple of 100000 dollars proceed to buy it. We are -- on on windows. You can run on a -- to. And that is the fastest growing segment. Of of computing platform if you in in our space so. So we are the number -- markets here. In -- -- space. This report also told us that they've the they've pulled. Customers on thirteen categories and we were rated number one in nine of them. Including functionality. Of the products so when you talk customers to save you know we have the best functionality. Ease -- -- price dependability. And on and on and on states say it's a pretty neat product I've been around my background it's not -- And I can tell you that I've never seen. The customer loyalty and support that this product has in the marketplace it's actually quite got a point. For us to to see that. We also just on that point. You know there's something called net promoter -- -- it's basically defense of how many people promote -- -- versus how many people detract. From that in did. A lot of -- become confused this now in and in the industry and anything that's positive -- a good thing. You know a single digit positive number more people recommending courses distracting is a good thing both optical if you have a score 37. And by the -- by the way. Did that -- all the mute some people who say it's okay let's not that good -- -- those scores so it's a pretty big number. And and I've never seen anything like this in my life -- -- in -- industries where it company -- product at such high. Hi. Rating. From from the customers. Just some some ideas as to some some numbers here on function -- -- -- what the number one company. We don't obviously want to publicize their names but competitors but we were number one in that. -- -- -- -- -- And -- reputation and let me just talk what price competitive it competitiveness because it is obviously a big big issue in this environment. -- really ought to disruptive technology. When you go by a Unix based solution from. From our competition or even -- -- distribution you may end up paying about 200000 dollars -- -- -- software. Our product you can buy four. 30000 dollars so it is -- Order of magnitude different in in -- prize purses. Versus others say it's not so what that people -- looking to save money on this very important category it is important and that. Because of a price point you can buy more licenses for you can actually give a -- -- -- to every scientist in the organization. As opposed to rationing as opposed to buying a few and having others shared -- to just improve the effectiveness we believe. While he and the organization because they have more technology available for for the -- scientist explorer. And develop. -- and -- that's. So what is it what is what is what is the product well you know not a finance guys here so think about kingdom. As the Microsoft office for -- scientist if you are. If you're a geo physicist -- -- geologist. You have a laptop or desktop. You have your personal copy of Microsoft Office we believe we should also have a -- you can. Because anything you have to do but it's looking for. You know if -- exploring or -- Looking at -- to bio says you partnering with somebody of the quote pick a quick look at it you want to present your assets so you. You know -- took some some study to the board. You wanna use a product and it is totally integrated but Microsoft Office in -- way you can actually cut and paste. Very complicated pictures and graphics from our software into PowerPoint. And vice Versa so it is it is a personal productivity application if you -- -- For a geo scientist and we have a price point that makes it possible for. For companies to buy one -- for every scientist and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Value -- acquired data you process that you interpret it. -- -- those models. You do some stimulation work perhaps. That's the typical -- That everybody understands. And is widely used. And you look at a lot of -- you look at -- get a look at laws in the maps. They come from not a different subsurface data sources what kingdom is is basically the application that sits in the middle. -- so you look at seismic blogs -- I -- dialogues. Maps other subsurface data and allow you to interpret it. To figure out what what is in there underground. And and we do that by taking. Basically best in class science -- geology and geophysics marketing analysis we've got different molecules. This -- sciences and in quoted in in soft -- if you read back 3040 years ago. Before we had workstation -- -- software available. This was done on paper it took a long time for people to do they couldn't do most of it anyways. -- -- today it's all. In software. And what you do is we put it in a very easy to use office the very competitive price point that is. That is really kind of helping lot of customers around the word be more effective in that -- key operations. I would not -- -- through the details of this but he's just -- names you would hear. You article. Talk to a customer of ours there is a product family -- -- kingdom but we've got lots of different modules from. -- -- -- treaty interpretation pack two geological pact called or bought pac. Visualization tools and -- and there are a number of tools that we have developed over time but the thing to remember is they're all integrated when you buy one product you get all of you don't turn it on for you because -- haven't paid for everything but if you would add more stuff you could just added all. Just making a phone call local -- the weapon and purchasing the launch of -- one application with one you lied when database which is a huge thing. You don't have to. Spent a lot of time going from one package to the other. And and hence my analogy of Microsoft Office riches but you know vehicle from excel to PowerPoint word. It's quite seen this now than than what it was maybe ten years ago. So let me just spent. Two minutes ramped it up and and just talk about. You know what is it that because different what is that the technology. -- the term to use a lot internally is that we have democratize. The use of this hiring signs in the states. This space this science is now available for everybody not just for. The biggest oil and gas companies who have deep pockets. And we do that -- heavily investing in in -- technology. The second is we do have a very. Productive. Sensible -- software companies that I don't spend 35 to 45% of the revenues and sales and marketing. Well you don't. We don't because we don't have to because we do have a very high. Customer satisfaction. And we have it will cost. Model to reach these customers to other agents as well as -- Outreach program we have built. And be obsessed of the -- smaller company -- obsess about customer's satisfaction because we don't have a big sales force we have to depend on our customers and their. Their support so. So you'd -- -- to a lot of things on line until training as lenders in person stuff with the customers that keep them happy. And keep them coming back -- pay us and -- maintenance which is a great thing to have in this environment. You've also given over a hundred million dollars worth of Suffolk University so you've got to greet thousands of Jewish scientists -- -- -- schools weren't life who basically. We're trained. As -- scientists -- geologists. On kingdom and in the for the generation that. Use this laptop home and and ability to run it on your laptop it's quite compelling to them and our best advocates advocate in the workforce and and and try to convince their employers to -- And out but not the least because of the things we do until some technology investments and so -- We do have a pretty good. Growth rate we we believe you're going about 23 times the industry rate. And that is -- -- very -- march. For a company -- -- To have the operating margin leverage we have is is actually quite -- And I spent nine years at McKinsey and company as a consultant and did not work with. -- of different software companies and I've never seen. -- the deal offered in universities have this in this business and and that to me to run it at a pretty nice clip. So what we gonna do next well it's very simple it's it's it's about. Introducing. Continue to innovate. If this Cuba's what I describe this we have yard today we -- to a certain segments of the market but certain products. And get a certain go to market -- we believe. That we have a lot of -- left still in optimizing the boundaries three directions and to keep doing what he's doing better. We're gonna keep looking for new customers especially the larger companies that we haven't yet benefited in the big way. Include -- scenes and and handles these. And then the computer look at new technology. Our lunch realized that we can Democrat democratize. High -- -- at a low price point. And if he can deliver. Cutting -- signs. On a laptop or PC and make it very easy to use an integrated at a great price point you know we continue -- -- market share. And would continue to grow so so that's pretty much what you're doing if you look great starting position. And of -- story. And have a lot of work to do in the next next seven years we've been added about fifteen months of the recapitalization. -- -- -- but that. But. Still what do. What thank you for your time like I know what it's always hard to speak in the middle for lunch -- quote. I got through to you and if you haven't pushed them because -- here or. -- -- There's a question. It is mostly yes I would say they are about four -- five mining companies that we have -- who use our software. In Australia and in Africa where. The -- the seismic two to map out subsurface. Geologist -- what you haven't focused on it very much. Thank you.

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